Second Man of Steel Trailer Brings It Down to Earth

Thanks to Warner Brothers, we now have our second full Man of Steel trailer. And it dives deep.

After the first trailer managed to draw comparisons to movies as highbrow as Tree of Life, Warner Brothers presents their second offering that gives us a glimpse of some pretty spectacular action set pieces while still focusing heavily on deeper look at Superman. Zack Snyder’s bold visual style seems to work perfectly with this long revered and well trodden character. It looks shiny and new while keeping our hero familiar and grounded.

DC has a real opportunity to approach the big screen comic book genre in a different way while still mirroring Marvel’s process. With the Dark Knight trilogy in the bank, it’s worth their while for the biggest name in all of superhero lore to stay grounded and relatable. If they succeed, DC/WB could easily follow suit with every other member of the Justice League. Is it possible they could present us with a more personal look into a superhero team than even Whedon’s deft hand was capable in Avengers? If they follow this road, certainly.

Any comic book fan will tell you how difficult it is to write a compelling Superman story. How do you write for a god, or even begin to make him relatable? The answer lies buried in magical tricks of the pen by writers like Richard Donner and Grant Morrison. Simply put, keep it personal and make the story about a man, an imperfect man in an imperfect world, struggling with his place in it. If you first tell us the story of Clark becoming Kal, Superman falls into place.

The marketing seems to take that philosophy to heart, and we can only wait and hope that Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan follow through with the story we know they have the ability to tell. Even though Nolan might not want the job, he would excel as a singular voice working within DC as the architect of their movie universe.

I cannot wait for this movie and, similar to my feelings on Whedon, in Nolan I trust. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments!