Lizzie Bennet Posts Follow-up on Twitter


. . . and it’s HILARIOUS.

One of the most comical scenes in P&P is when Mr. Collins introduces himself to Mr. Darcy at the Netherfield Ball and Mr. Darcy gets really annoyed. It’s also pretty much the only scene in the 2005 P&P that I like (mostly because Tom Hollander is SO SHORT compared to Matthew McFayden, which makes it even funnier). We didn’t get that scene in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.


Tweets are embedded below too, but seriously, just go look at Lizzie’s Twitter feed. NOW.

(While you’re at it, check out the other character’s Twitter feeds as well, because  almost all of them have posted some kind of wrap-up tweet. I especially love the Jane/Bing/Caroline [not like that] one.)

  • Aisling

    not forgetting that we got another dizzie kiss!!!

  • sallysparrow1106

    Definitely still smiling about this an hour later. A most delightful surprise. x]

  • Amy

    the best use of twitter i’ve ever seen!

  • Trillian Black

    Oh gosh. That made me teary-eyed again. Yesterday I was prepared for the feels, but this hit me out of nowhere. So funny and sweet and I don’t wanna see them go.

    (My only consolation is that they got to tell the whole story and have an actual ending- which is something a lot of my other favorite shows never got to do)

  • jpegfilms

    Thank god for this. It’s like a teeny little treat at the end. It’s like we’re getting weaned off LBD and I’m so happy. It makes me feel like its not fully over and for that I am happy.

  • Katiedora

    You know, I thought I was doing well in terms of keeping it together after the last episode. It pulled at my heartstrings, but it felt like the ending and that was good. But I did not expect this and I kind of lost it. Literally the perfect epilogue.

  • Leigh Ann

    after ashley cryptically tweeted about a special thing for the fans, this was such a wonderful surprise!!! so fun! i agree with the weaning off of LBD; i did a marathon throughout the week of the episodes and read half of P&P last night and had a wonderful time comparing the book to what they did in LBD ^_^ p.s. does leakynews plan to do a ReWatch of LBD from the beginning? i’d love to relive the vlogs with other fans again!

    • Phil Boswell

      There’s a new-ish site where a bunch of people are sharing a marathon re-watch over and over:

      It’s a clever site which allows one to load up a bunch of videos from YouTube and watch together with friends, with the key feature that it endeavours to ensure that all viewers are synchronised.

      It should come as no surprise that there is a semi-permanent room with all 150+ LDB videos playing, with the occasional interjection of a bunch of fanvids and other fun stuff ;-)

      I have sought permission from the developer to link to the site, but please be aware that it is under development, and is basically run by one guy as a hobby!