Lizzie Bennet Diaries #92: YAY!!!


I didn’t post this early because not much happened in the last few days off-YouTube. Ricky Collins tweeted that he’s flying to Winnipeg again. I wonder if we’ll ever find out more about his fiancee or not? And the official LBD Twitter confirmed that they’ve finished filming. I’m so excited to see the end game they’ve got planned, and SO SAD that it’s almost over. :(

I also still don’t know what to think about the whole Jane-moving-to-New-York thing, and I therefore have NO IDEA what to expect in today’s episode, so no theorizing from me.

Only halfway through the video, but YAY! Be back soon. . .

Okay. So. Bing QUIT MEDICAL SCHOOL. It all makes sense now.

He doesn’t care what supposedly happened, or that his family and friends disapprove. He’s ready to follow Jane to New York. BECAUSE HE LOVES HER.

I almost had a heart attack when Jane told him he couldn’t go.

And then I died of happiness when she said yes.



*dies of Jane/Bing shipper happiness*

I really, really hope that this isn’t the very last we see of Jane and Bing. But if it is, it’s a great way to go out.

BUT– WHEN WILL LIZZIE FIGURE OUT WHAT DARCY DID?!?! Oh! Charlotte’s in the next video! Will we finally get the reveal? Will Lizzie finally admit her feelings? AAAARGH!!

*goes to watch the video again*

  • Aisling Greene

    I just screamed KISS HIM over and over again until she did
    This episode made me so happy! Charlotte is in the Monday preview, maybe she has come to tell Lizzie that Darcy sorted out the Wickham business?!

    • lollifant

      Wouldn’t she know already? Hasn’t Lizzie seen the press release yet? But she decided to focus on her last days with her sister first?

      • Trillian Black

        Isn’t that why they had Lizzie unfollow Pemberley on twitter? So she wouldn’t know anything about Domino or press releases? I think Charlotte comes back home to tell Lizzie herself what she found out.

      • Arielle

        I don’t think she would be able to keep it a secret if she knew. It’s more likely she’s just been staying away from anything related to Pemberley right now to focus on her sisters. It also plays along with her denying her feelings for Darcy. It’s a lot easier for her to just ignore everything that has to do with him, which is why she also hasn’t suspected that he may have been involved in making the website disappear. She’s in Darcy Denial.

  • thosethatwander

    and there was much rejoicing…

  • Arielle

    For a second I was worried Jane and Bing weren’t going to get the ending we all wanted for them, but then they fixed everything! I’m on such a high now from that episode, it is helping in my denial that the series is ending soon!

    Also when I saw Mr. Collins’s tweets, I wondered if any of his “variety of opportunities” have anything to do with Domino, though I don’t know why that would bring him back to Winnipeg, but I do hope we get to see him at least one more time before this whole series wraps up for good!

  • lollifant

    This episode was perfect, I love how they solved the storyline, I love how Bing is helping charities and that Jane said no at first, because she’s strong and independent. And then they made rules and kissed and aaaaah, this makes me happy! :)

    • Tiffanie Ing

      THIS. New Jane and New Bing remain in tact, but together. And happy. And they will have separate places, but probably spend all night talking in each other’s beds. And Bing will start his own charity, maybe something to do with repurposing vintage clothes to give to the homeless? =)

      • lollifant

        Yes, that sounds perfect. They’re doing both their own thing and they will both be succesful and in addition they will be very happy together :)

        • Tricia

          I loved this solution as well. They did such a great job making them both strong independent personalities but still ending up together. And they kissed and everything is fine and now I decided to never doubt the abilities of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries to tranform storylines to fit modern times :)

  • Shayla

    MY HEART! They completely pierced my heart with fear when Jane said he couldn’t go, because for a while I’ve feared that the writers would make a modern day twist on the story to say something about women not needing a man and only needing the love of sisters or something like that. GLAD I WAS WRONG! I really hope that Charlotte says something, but then again, what if she doesn’t? If we’ve got 4-6 more weeks of LBD, can we really think that they’ll hold Lizzie in suspense like that for so long?

    I think they’re going to possibly fake us out, and as a friend of mine theorized, it’ll likely be Gigi who ends up telling Lizzie the truth.

    • Trillian Black

      When you go back and look at the book, it’s actually Lydia who tells Elisabeth that Darcy was involved, but Elisabeth then turns to her aunt Gardiner to find out the details of the proceedings. So they could just have Charlotte tell Lizzie what everyone knows by now: Darcy took down the website. But even when looking at all the Pemberley Digital videos, etc. we still don’t know what exactly Darcy did to take down the site. So Lizzie could then turn to Gigi or Fitz to find out what was going on behind the scenes. That way we’d have an episode more (plus, I want to see Fitz and Gigi again before all of this is over) and the writers would actually stay very close to the timeline of the novel. :)

  • Jennifer

    Sigh. That was great. Though unfortunately it is the end of Jane at least as Laura posted on Facebook todat that this was her last ep. :( fantastic last episode though!!

  • laura

    Guys, the LBD team has announced when the show is going to end:

    as foreseen, episode number 100 will be the last one, and it will air onMarch 28.