Lizzie Bennet Diaries #91: Wait. WHAT?


(Hi everyone! It’s Emily again. Melissa is having a blast in Hawaii *grumbleitsnowedhereyesterdaygrumble* and has asked me to fill in until she returns to the mainland. Hope you don’t mind!)

So we had a few interesting things happen both on and off YouTube over the weekend.

Pemberley Digital posted a press release  touting the success of Domino and noted that they are seeking new partners to maximize the new technology.

Fitz and Gigi had a Twitter conversation regarding the press release, where Gigi said that she might have to move. I do not know what this means, but I’m dying to find out.

Lizzie posted a Q&A video that along with inside jokes about seahorses and loving empire waistlines, also featured Bing, who brings another gift and has been invited to dinner.  This explains the costume theater with Jane as Bing and Lizzie as Mrs. Bennet in the preview for today’s episode.

Jane tumbled and tweeted a whole bunch of looks. As she hasn’t been this prolific since Bing left, I think we can safely say that things are looking up for her.

And now, the new video! (Reactions to come!)

Wow. Okay. So. We get the expected Mrs.-Bennet-trying-to-get-Jane-and-Bing-together costume theater, we get Jane reflecting on what-ifs, we get Lizzie also reflecting on what-ifs (and we all know darn well, Lizzie, that when you’re talking about “have we missed our chance” you’re thinking about WILLIAM DARCY”) and then– woah. Talk about a plot twist!

Jane is moving to New York. Jane has a job offer for a better job and IS MOVING TO NEW YORK. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN IN THE BOOK. I HAVE NO RESOURCES TO DEAL WITH THIS.

I. . . I’m going to have to think about this for a while. Wow.

  • Trillian Black

    So with Gigi and Jane moving, maybe everyone ends up in New York? Though I don’t see how Darcy could leave San Francisco. Do we think there’s a chance that the Darcys had something to do with Jane’s job offer though? I feel like Darcy wasn’t involved enough in fixing Jane and Bing, so maybe that would be another way to make amends?

    • Wahlee

      Hmm. Maybe Bing is doing his residency in New York? That makes sense. But really, I AM SO CONFUSED.

      • Trillian Black

        Lizzie keeps asking for Bing to beg, so maybe his version of begging will be following wherever Jane goes? Also her leaving puts a sense of urgency on their attempt to figure out what they have. He’ll have to make up his mind about what he wants and tell her or he’ll be the one left behind this time…actually that would be brilliant payback!

        I love the writers! Most ardently.

        • Tiffanie Ing

          I am SO confused as well.

          And also SO happy for Jane. I like the idea of Bing picking up and moving to New York as well…after all, that’s what Jane did when he left, so it would be a nice parallel and a grand gesture of sorts. And if he does that, he’ll finally be able to explain that he’s obviously not a medical student, or that he’s been taking a year off, and now he’s transferring. Or something.

          In the book, Lizzie and Jane end up quite close to each other…I guess this is not going to be the case? But with the Gigi move…maybe everyone WILL end up in New York. I don’t know. I don’t know!

          I’m now convinced that they can’t end this at 100 episodes. There’s still way too much to get through.

          • Trillian Black

            I don’t think it is possible for Darcy to leave San Francisco permanently. That’s where his company is, including a memorial hall to his parents. I don’t really see him leaving that behind.

            • P

              Jane & Lizzie lived ‘within 30 miles of each other’ in P&P. That was about 4 to 5 hours travel.

              • Arielle

                well san fransisco to ny is about at 5ish hour plane ride. I know it’s not the same as a 5 hour drive, but in P&P you couldn’t just hop on a plane like you can now.

        • lollifant

          I love the idea that Darcy had something to do with the job, and then by coincidence Bing will study there. But again, this ‘what is Bing actually doing with his life’ question was dodged again. So what is he doing? I can’t se him just following Jane because she got a job, I don’t see new Jane just accepting him to follow her because of that…

    • Trillian Black

      I feel like we’ll move away from the book the closer we get to the end. This story just cannot end with a double wedding, so they have to find equivalents to that. Plus, I think we are all way too invested in the story to just accept the conventional “They kissed”-Happy End. We want to see where their future leads them, so they have to come up with these alternatives. But it does constantly leave me flabbergasted as well, especially since I feel like we all think we know what’s going to happen but we really don’t. All we have is an outline and I love what the writers come up with. :)

  • Arielle

    New York?! Not expecting that! What does it mean for Jing? I mean they seem like they were just starting to get back to a good place and now Jane is going to pick up and movie? The only way I can see this working out is if Jane gets some miraculous other job offer that will keep her close to home. But let’s face it, new Jane is not going to pick a man over her career!

    Also “what if the timing were different” “what if we missed our chance” Lizzie, can you please just admit the face you are in love with William Darcy already? You are killing us!

    • theitgirl

      I guess I feel like NYC is the obvious place for Jane, because she works in fashion and to *really* work in fashion you need to be where the fashion houses are.

  • Jessica BS

    I still want Jing to be endgame and all, but I love this development. New Jane don’t need nobody to be her man!

  • P

    When they repaired to the dining-room, Elizabeth eagerly watched to see whether Bingley would take the place, which, in all their former parties, had belonged to him, by her sister. Her prudent mother, occupied by the same ideas, forbore to invite him to sit by herself. On entering the room, he seemed to hesitate; but Jane happened to look round, and happened to smile: it was decided. He placed himself by her.

    I think Bing is about to be set a test…

  • Jennifer


    Okay, well, if he follows her to NY I am officially calling shenanigans on the whole Med School thing. :)

  • par_parenthese

    Current theory, which will undoubtedly change before Thursday’s vid:

    1. Darcy was instrumental in getting Jane this job — he was the hookup, though Jane’s talent was obviously the clincher. Perhaps he knows something about Bing’s plans (e.g., he’s deciding between two options for residency; one’s in NYC; he’ll choose that one since Jane will be there), or maybe he just thinks it’s a good fit for Jane. File under M for “Making amends.”

    2. Lizzie and Darcy will stay in SF, but because both Darcy and Bing will be loaded, the flights between SF and NYC will be no biggie. Either Jane or Lizzie will help Lydia get a job in one of those two towns, and they’ll both be a bigger influence on her in the future (per my previous hypothesis that they’re combining the Kitty and Lydia threads in this version).

    3. Gigi has to move to (Townsville-Springfield), where the Bennets live; Darcy will come help her find an apartment and “settle in,” and he and Bing will stop by to say goodbye to Jane, which will be the awkward pre-DeBourgh-convo meeting where Lizzie decides to put him out of her mind.

    4. This “Anne Reynolds” person from the recent Domino press release (the General Manager” of PemDig) is the DeBourgh character.

    • Tiffanie Ing

      I like the part of number 1 that has Bing moving to NYC for a residency, although I still think they have to explain why Bing NEVER has to go to class.

      I agree that Darcy and Lizzie will end up together, but maybe in L.A, and Gigi will come with them. Either way, this is the 21st century and like you say, NYC to SF is not that big or expensive a flight anymore…especially for people like Darcy and Bing.

      I think De Bourgh is De Bourgh, and we’ll get to see her conversation per the usual Lizzie costume theatre.

      • Catherine

        My friend who is applying for med school had a well thought out theory about that- Screen casted lectures! Still not totally satisfactory, but semi-believable?

        • Alix

          I don’t buy it, it’s too easy an answer. And that only works if he’s in his first two years of med school (which wouldn’t be very tidy for continuing his relationship with Jane), because after that, he’d have to be in the hospital quite a bit. My BFF is in her last year of med school now and basically, I will never see her again. She WAS able to schedule her rotations so that she had quite a big chunk of time off for her wedding–like a couple months–but Bing is consistently Not In Class and Not In the Hospital. It doesn’t add up; I think he’s dropped out, or taken a year off, or something.

          • Trillian Black

            I’m not sure if maybe we are expecting too much from the “Bing is a med student”-thing. I highly suspect that everything that’s going on in “Grey’s Anatomy” has very little to do with the reality of working in a hospital or becoming a doctor and still the show has a huge audience who doesn’t seem to question any of it. I just wonder if we hold The Lizzie Bennet diaries to a much higher standard than we would any other show on tv. (I mean, come on, there are still people watching Glee).

            • Tiffanie Ing

              No, the fact that the LBD writers have Lizzie specifically mentioning that Bing never goes to class indicates to me that they have a fix for this. I think they know what happened to him, and I also think Jane knows as well at this point. It’s only going to be a surprise to us as viewers and to everyone else in Lizzie’s family.

    • Wahlee

      Mrs. Reynolds was the name of the housekeeper at Pemberley in the book. Just in case you didn’t remember. :)

    • Arielle

      I like #3! Makes sense. The only piece of that that is a little iffy is why Gigi would move there. It seems more likely she’d move to a bigger city like LA or NY but I like the whole helping-her-settle-in-awkward-encounter-to-say-goodbye-to-jane thing

  • Shayla

    I think that it’s fairly safe to assume that Pemberly Digital is the mysterious buyer of the New York company. I believe that Darcy is still seeking to fix things within Lizzie’s family. In the original story line, Darcy merely had to fix the Lydia and Wickham scandal, and the relationship between Bing and Jane to secure the futures of them all. But in the modern adaptation, it’s bigger than that. Jane needs to be able to support herself and harvest her passion in order to be truly happy. It’s no longer just about getting her the guy, it’s about getting her the happy ending. And Darcy knows how much Lizzie cares about her sisters, so he’s going to do his best to provide happiness for them.

  • laura

    Honestly, I don’t really like the idea of Jane moving to NYC, unless this pushes Bing to make his move to get her back.. THEY HAVE TO END UP TOGETHER! I don’t care all the talks about “modern women not needing men to be realized”, that’s true but what makes us really happy is still love, and this is still a love story! I’m going to be so mad if they leave Jane and Bing separated…
    I am also looking forward to see how they bring Darcy back!
    This arch will end will tomorrow’s ep, can’t wait for the next one (which should be the Lizzie-Darcy one!)
    Damn, I’m so anxious!

    • Bryn Thousand

      What irks me about this latest development is that Jane said in episode 86 (less than 3 weeks ago)that family is more important than her career. In this episode she mention that Lydia is still healing but it’s important they are there for her. This is just me nitpicking.

      • laura

        Yeah, I think that the point is that family is very important per se and it was so especially when Lydia was in the middle of the storm.. Since now Lydia is getting better, how could Jane refuse a great job offer in NY, when she really needs the money? I mean, we still need money to live, so we all need a job.

  • laura

    Anyway, guys, Ashley Clements just wrote on her twitter account that today is the last filming day!!! I’m so sad…
    How long do you think it will last, then? They say that usually they film at least 6 weeks in advance, does this mean that the LBD will go through mid april?

    • Trillian Black

      I think Bernie said on tumblr (?) that the show will end in March.
      I don’t want it to end. But then again every good story has to. I just hope someone has the good sense to cast all of these brilliant actors in some major shows or movies. I’m willing to cope with the show ending as long as someone will put Ashley Clements in a show, so that her face will still return to our screens on a weekly basis.And we all know that we’ll watch whatever Bernie and the rest of the team decides to do next. (Please don’t decide to do a Zombie-Nazi-Horror-movie – I’ll watch anything but that.)