Lionsgate Retracts Its Claws: “Hunger Is Not a Game” Campaign Safe from Litigation


Lionsgate said in a LA Times article tonight that it has no intention of pursuing any legal action against the organizations, including The HPA’s Imagine Better Project, involved in the “Hunger is Not a Game” campaign.

The company said its only concern was confusion about a breach of exclusive deals Lionsgate had made with hunger-fighting organizations to use materials from the film:

A Lionsgate spokeswoman said the company supported anti-hunger initiatives and had simply been concerned about the effort because it could conflict with an exclusive deal the studio had made with several other anti-hunger groups; that deal gave two other groups rights to marketing material during the theatrical release of the film.

No film materials were used in any of the “Hunger is Not a Game” campaign imagery; the logo is original. The article goes on to quote a spokesperson:

“Lionsgate’s partnership with the United Nations’ World Food Program as well as Feeding America, both tied to the release of ‘The Hunger Games,’ is helping to generate awareness of this global issue,” a spokeswoman said. “Our requests to other fan-based initiatives center more specifically around the use of copyrighted materials which have been committed to the WFP and Feeding America. We absolutely support and encourage the efforts of organizations battling world hunger.”

When news of the attempted cease-and-desist broke, the HPA, as well as several bestselling authors (including Maureen Johnson and John Green) and popular blogs and websites like Think Progress and Newsweek’s Tumblr, expressed disappointment in the company’s actions. The news spread virally, with a very high rate of disapproval.

  • Jessica Marie Hodges

    Seriously. What’s wrong with you know, SEVERAL groups trying to collect for the same cause? I mean, really. ._.

    Yay. I’m happy. Now to go plan m food drives for Catching Fire next year. x3

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