Levi Miller Joins the Cast of Supergirl


A new unpowered character is joining Supergirl! Pan star Levi Miller will be coming to Supergirl this season as Cat Grant’s son Carter Grant, TV Line reported.

Only twelve years old, Carter is described as “sensitive and shy” and “couldn’t be more different from his mom.” He first appears in episode four, where Melissa Benoist’s character Kara babysits him. It’s there that she gets to know the boy and he opens up to her, “revealing his true feelings for Supergirl.” Whether those feelings are good or bad, we’ll have to wait and find out.

Executive Producer for Supergirl Greg Berlanti first worked with Miller on his film Pan, in which Miller plays the title character. “We loved working with him so much on Pan, we were excited to bring him intoSupergirl‘s universe,” said Berlanti of Miller. “He’s an exceptional young actor and a part of the Berlanti Productions family. It will be fun for audiences, who we know will fall in love with him as Peter in Pan on Oct 9, to see his range with his turn as Calista Flockhart’s American son.”

Supergirl premieres on CBS Monday, October 26th.