Let’s Dig Into the Captain America: Civil War Trailer


Like many MCU fans, I’ve been watching and rewatching the Captain America: Civil War trailer since it dropped, with only a short break to actually sleep and check out the new movie summary. So let’s talk about some of our favorite things about the trailer.


1) Bucky knows who Steve is and, more importantly, who HE is.

cacw trailer 1

When the stinger for Ant-Man popped up and I saw that Steve and Sam had Bucky vice-gripped, I was worried that a lot of Civil War would be tied up in them trying to both wrangle him against his HYDRA brainwashing and to get him to remember who he is. So Bucky showing up to the party haggard but knowing who he is definitely lifts some doubts I had about the movie. Though hopefully we get some backstory and/or flashbacks to him regaining his memories, because that is definitely a fave trope in the fanbase.


2) Nat is on Tony’s side and it still feels weird.

cacw trailer 2

Yes, we’ve known for quite some time who would be on which sides in Civil War, but I’m still not 100% sold on Nat siding with Tony. Maybe she’s still working on erasing the red from her ledger. Or maybe, as has been pointed out on numerous occasion and which makes sense to me, she’s playing spy. Not only is she closer to Steve personally, but I feel like she’s still living in the somewhat morally gray area where accountability is necessary but doesn’t trump all.


3) Tony and Steve are dueling from the get-go.

cacw trailer 3

We saw the Civil War seeds being sown in Age of Ultron – Steve totally not being on board with Tony and Bruce and their world-wide robot police force – and they are not dancing around that animosity at all in the trailer. There is no mistaking that they are not on friendly terms. It makes me wonder if the shiner that Tony’s sporting is from whatever incident caused that collateral damage mentioned in the new synopsis, or if it’s from a fistfight. Though maybe he’d have more than a black eye if he got into it with Steve


4) There’s more Bucky in the trailer than there was in the entirety of Winter Solider.

cacw trailer 4

No really, Bucky is all over the trailer and it’s great. Yeah, I know it’s the Civil War event and it’s supposed to focus on ALL the heroes. But I was worried that they’d bring Bucky in and not get into his character at all, and I’m pleased to see that’s not the case.


5) Sam is still Steve’s right hand man.

cacw trailer 5

I’m sure Steve has been nothing but trouble for Sam since the day they met, but Falcon is a needed constant for Steve and his side of the fight. One of my favorite things about Sam is his loyalty to his friends; he didn’t even bother to argue with Steven when it came to helping him take down HYDRA or offering to help track down Bucky, he just did it because that’s what he does. Hopefully, Steve repays him in kind at some point in the film.

gif by worthyheroes

Plus, damn, that man knows how to fight with those wings.


6) T’challa first look!

cacw trailer 7

I feel like we’ve been waiting forever to see anything about Black Panther, especially when he was confirmed for Civil War ages ago. But he’s here, his suit is amazing, and I’m excited to find out exactly how he’ll factor into the fight.


7) Rhodey better be okay.

cacw trailer 8

One of the MCU’s greatest and most developed friendship has been between Rhodey and Tony, quite literally starting on day one. So seeing Tony holding his best friend’s prone body is really rough. Steve is willing to go to war for Bucky, but Tony’s also more than willing to fight in Rhodey’s name.


8) Where is Ant-Man?

gif by lizziesource

Okay so technically this isn’t in the trailer, but still, where’s Scott? Is he hiding somewhere in this trailer, so itty-bitty that we can’t see him? Someone find him and tell me where he is, because this team running would be really awesome with Ant-Man jumping off of someone’s shoulder and going big mid-air.


9) “He’s my friend.” “So was I.”

cacw trailer 9

Okay to be fair, there’s not a lot of actual scenes from actual MCU movies to support that Tony and Steve are BFFs, but this pains my comic-book heart.



gif by pupybuck

Yes, yessss, this is amazing. I’m sure I’ll be upset that they’re totally thrashing Tony soon, but for now I’m too agog at how flawlessly they use the shield together mid-fight.

What were some of your favorite things about the trailer? Leave us a comment and let us know!