Les Miserables Extended First Look

Managing Editor

It pays to follows Les Miserables on Facebook! Today they released an extended first look at the Christmas release!

The clip focuses on Tom Hooper’s new approach to musical film production: all of the songs are sung live, with the actors getting live piano piped into their ears. As Cameron Mackentosh explains, the only way to make acting through music work is by capturing the moment. Star Hugh Jackman claims it gives you freedom, and explains how he’s able to actually try out different choices and approaches. His breakdown of the “What have I done?” soliloquoy is especially interesting, and the behind-the-scenes footage of those takes is a great watch. Each of the principle cast members weighs in, and highlights the power, empathy, and truth they’re able to achieve by acting through the lyrics rather than acting to a track.


As predicted, we’re starting to see more and more eke out to tease the December release. We couldn’t be more excited by this. And we want pianos following us around, just as a matter of course.

Also On My Own, in the rain, on the street.

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  • Chaya

    I could not be more excited for this film. It looks absolutely incredible.

  • http://www.twitter.com/starlysh Lysh

    Hugh Jackman is so talented. He will not disappoint as Jean Valjean. I’m so excited to weep during this whole movie.

  • http://twitter.com/BackToTheBurrow Tia ϟ

    I’m incredibly impressed! I like the fact that they’re doing Les Mis in a whole new way, not being sung traditionally.