Leigh Bardugo Reveals Cover and Plot Details for Crooked Kingdom


Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse has a new installment coming up: Crooked Kingdom will pick up where 2015′s Six of Crows left off.

Bardugo created her Russian folklore-inspired Grishaverse in her original Grisha trilogy, comprised of Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, and Ruin and Rising. Her newest series is set in a different period of the same world, with Crooked Kingdom taking place a few days after the events of Six of Crows - the grand heist having ended, heaven and hell are now descending on the city of Ketterdam with Kaz and company caught in between.

And check out the cover:

Leigh Bardugo Crooked Kingdom
Bardugo recently spoke to the L.A. Times about Crooked Kingdom and the new story so far. An excerpt goeth thusly:

In the first book, revenge was a large part of Kaz’s goals. But now there’s a whole new villain involved and it seems to be saying that the stakes are higher. Are they indeed higher? And what sort of stakes are we looking at?

This is still very much a story about revenge and potentially redemption for some of the characters. In the first book you had the team moving, going out and having to journey to another country to pull off this heist. The second book is more of a con book than a heist book, there are heists in it, but it’s much more about the grand con.

What you have is all of these countries from around the world descending on [the city of Ketterdam] because they still want to get their hands on this drug, jurda parem. It could really change the face of magic, and warfare in the world. There are a lot of different players operating; the gangs of Ketterdam coming in to play, Kaz’s old rivals, international powers who have their own stake in the game.

Basically a war is going to be fought on the streets of Ketterdam for what’s going to happen to magic and everyone that’s influenced by magic in this world.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Crooked Kingdom will be released on September 22.