Lego Avengers Helicarrier May Become a Reality


Ever wish there was a bigger landscape for the Marvel Super Heroes minifigures? A Lego Avengers Helicarrier set may soon be on the way.

Lego Ideas user ysomt studied frames from the film to design a remarkably accurate building block replica of the massive, mobile S.H.I.E.L.D. base where most of the movie is set. The design uses 22,694 Lego pieces and measures 85.4 by 45.3 inches.

It’s no secret Lego fans love complicated builds, and iconic designs like the Millennium Falcon and Hogwarts Castle are on everyone’s secret (or not so secret) wish list. The helicarrier seems like a great choice for a large set to represent the Marvel license Lego already has in place.

The Lego Ideas website allows for creators to present their designs for public voting. Every few months, the company reviews projects with at least 10,000 votes and puts one into production. This process is responsible for the amazing Back to the Future DeLorean and Ghostbusters Ecto-1 sets currently available.

Check out some images of different angles below. To vote for the Avengers helicarrier to be officially made and to check out more photos and details, visit the design’s Lego Ideas page.

We here at the LeakyNews offices have just one burning question: Will it be scaled so that an Iron Man minifigure will fit inside the turbines?

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