LeakyNews Exclusive: Glee Does Coldplay!


We’re hearing that the first Coldplay song on Glee’s Hit list this season is “Fix You.” The finished product reportedly sounds “breathtaking” and is ready to be included in an as-yet untitled episode. We’re excited! What do you think of the song choice?

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  • http://LeakyNews.com Melissa

    Kick butt. What a great song.

  • http://cassialenoir.tumblr.com/ Cassia Lenoir

    This is gonna be great!
    I think it’s the perfect song, even if I imagine that “The hardest part” could be great in the show too.
    Anyways, I can’t wait to see who exactly is gonna sing it and how it’ll be incorporated into the plot.

  • Ralph019

    Coldplay’s Fix You is a sacred song for many of their fans. Glee covering it makes the son less special. Really not happy