Leaky’s Oscar Picks and Predictions


As the ceremony itself nears, a handful of Leaky staff got to discussing and debating their picks for this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. Sure, we’ll do our live blog. But for now join in the fun! See what we think, and add picks of your own in the comments!

The best part of this list is that we know exactly when to expect various staffers to go nuts in the live blog if their picks don’t happen. It’s always hilariously fun to watch.

Best Picture



It kinda has to be doesn’t it? After winning, EVERY other major award, this would be a huge upset for what was once seen as an outsider.


Despite Ben’s non-nomination by the Academy for director judging from the rest of these awards things Argo seems pretty much like a safe bet. While I would love Silver Linings Playbook to win, I’ll give best picture to Argo and have Silver Linings sweep the other categories.


Even if this wasn’t already well deserved, I think voters will show Argo additional love because of Ben Affleck’s omission from the Best Director category.

Josh Les Misérables

Every time I saw this damn movie I cried like a baby. Y’all can hate on me for this, that’s fine. A BOY CAN DREAM.


Best Director

Seth – Steven Spielberg, Lincoln


I really don’t know where this one’s going because when I saw Zero Dark Thirty, my money was immediately on Kathryn Bigelow.  Then she didn’t get nominated. Go with the big name.

Chaya – David O. Russell, Silver Linings Playbook

With Ben Affleck not in the category, I really hope David takes this one. The directing in Silver Linings Playbook was flawless. It was so understated that you didn’t realize it was there, which is the mark of true directorial brilliance.

Debbie – Steven Spielberg, Lincoln

This one could be close too, but the Academy does love historical dramas. (Related fun fact: As a friend recently learned discussing omissions in this category, Facebook auto-corrects “Kathryn Bigelow” to “Kathryn Big elbow”. Constant vigilance!)

Josh - Steven Spielberg, Lincoln

We should just all accept this will happen despite anything else, right? Okay.

NEXT: Best Actor and Actress.