Kill Me Three Times Trailer Featuring Simon Pegg


Our favorite zombie slayer is back, and this time it’s not the undead, cult members, or aliens he’s after. Meet Simon Pegg, the hired assassin. Yes, you read that right.

A mercurial assassin (Simon Pegg) discovers he isn’t the only person trying to kill the siren (Alice Braga) of a sun-drenched surfing town. In this darkly comedic thriller, the hitman finds himself unraveling three tales of mayhem, murder, blackmail and revenge.

The trailer for Kill Me Three Times begins with our assassin, Charlie Wolfe (Simon Pegg), on his back, with his eyes closed and mouth agape, trying to figure out how he ended up lying there dying.  We flash back to Charlie taking on a job that involves killing a man’s wife. A simple hit that quickly turns complicated as he arrives to do the deed only to find someone has beaten him there. The chaos becomes apparent as we are shown a variety of action sequences, ranging from guns shooting to a car plunging off of a cliff. For some reason there are several people after this woman, and Charlie seems just as confused as we are.

Pegg’s most recent staring role in Hector and the Search for Happiness, a feel good comedy about a psychiatrist searching the globe for the secret of happiness, didn’t do particularly well with audiences. Garnering a low 36% from critics and a 67% from audience members on Rotten Tomatoes, the film is nowhere close to being a favorite within Pegg’s portfolio. Kill Me Three Times leaves the feel good portion behind and steps back into dark comedy territory, the genre in which Simon Pegg has seen most of his success.

Written by James McFarland, Kill Me Three Times stars Sullivan Stapleton, Alice Braga, Teresa Palmer, Callan Mulvey, Luke Hemsworth, Bryan Brown and Simon Pegg.  The movie lands in theaters on April 10, 2015, but will be available from iTunes and on demand on March 26, 2015.


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