Katniss and Peeta’s Band Performs in New Bad Lip-Reading


Mockingjay – Part 1 is still busy breaking box office records along with moviegoers’ hearts and the world can’t get enough of the Hunger Games.

To help us make it through a holiday weekend of visiting with family, watching football with friends, and eating turkey while we take a break from seeing the movie again (just one more time… at least), the team at Bad Lip-Reading has put together another episode pulled from clips of Catching Fire plus a bonus music video.

First up, a Bad Lip-Reading that includes a druid, a stolen yellow fanny pack, lots of singing, and plenty of silliness.

At the end we witnessed the creation of Katniss and Peeta’s new band, Obsidiots. Via Bad Lip-Reading, we can see the first performance of their new song “Choo Choo Go” live from District 11.

Based on crowd reaction, they may need to head back into the studio before they claim their Record of the Year. Check out the “Merch Table” sign under the left side video screen. Lots of people we know would definitely buy Obsidiots tee shirts, though maybe not in District 11.

Also, who knew Peeta could play the flute so well?