Justice League: Gods and Monsters is Bruce Timm’s Next Animated Film


It has been revealed that the upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release of the animated film Batman vs. Robin will include previews for another new animated feature, Justice League: Gods and Monsters. Furthermore, Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett, well known for their role in developing Batman: The Animated Series and kicking off the entire DC Animated Universe, will work on the new Justice League film.

Gods and Monsters is an alternate universe story containing decidedly different versions of DC’s trinity of heroes – Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. In a post by Nerds on the Rocks, screenshots of the prelude series Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles show the state of the heroes, and some villains as well (we’ve corrected the aspect ratio of the below images, but click the link for more screenshots):

Gods and Monsters - Trinity 1

Gods and Monsters - Batman

Gods and Monsters - Darkseid

Superman of this world is the son of General Zod. He is a bit more violent. Well a lot more violent, and has seen the ugliness of mankind being raised by migrate farmers.

Batman is not Bruce Wayne. Instead, it is Kirk Langstrom, who has cancer. And in trying to find a cure injects himself with Bat-venom becoming a pseudo-vampire. He feeds on criminals to cure his bloodlust.

Wonder Woman seems to be of the “New Gods” She marries Orion but something goes wrong there and she comes to Earth.

Lex Luthor is seen as the “Stephen Hawkings” of the world. He doesn’t seek power, but knowledge, but they warn that with Luthor always more than meets the eye.

The movie centers around the murder of prominent DC Universe scientists like Ray Palmer, Victor Fries, Silas Stone and others that the Justice League is being framed for. They attempt to investigate these murders while dealing with mounting pressures from outside sources.

The above screenshot of Darkseid is of him attending Wonder Woman’s wedding, so where the trinity stands on the heroic spectrum is a little iffy. It also remains to be seen whether Luthor is legitimately a good guy here or manipulating events to further his own idealism. Who are we kidding? Of course it’s the latter…

How do you like these versions of the DC characters? Are you happy to see Timm and Burnett return to the DCAU? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Batman vs. Robin releases on April 14. Justice League: Gods and Monsters is slated to release late this year.