Josh Brolin Likely Playing Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy


While we have yet to receive complete confirmation, it is looking likely that Josh Brolin has been cast as Thanos, the hugely powerful member of The Eternals and major villain in Guardians of the Galaxy. Whether you’ve seen Brolin in anything from American Gangster to The Goonies, he has a gritty feel to him that could make an incredible Thanos.

As we saw in Thor 2, mythical objects are being rounded up, likely leading to the establishment of the Infinity Gauntlet, an immensely powerful weapon that can manipulate space and time, and Thanos’ preferred method of wiping out civilizations. Thanos is slated to be a major villain in Guardians of the Galaxy, which is coming out on August 1st, but is also likely to appear in the next Avengers film and potentially elsewhere in the Marvel cinematic universe.

This is the first real news we have about Thanos since his appearance in the post-credit scene of The Avengers. He hasn’t been teased in any trailers or other promotional material.

While we can’t tell for certain if Josh Brolin will be Thanos, he would make a great addition to the cast of top notch actors who have tried or will try to kill the Avengers (James Spader and Tom Hiddleston) and to the villain cast of Guardians of the Galaxy, which already includes Karen Gillan.

As if we weren’t already excited about the movie, we sure as hell are now. He even looks the part.


  • Shawna Rapp

    What ever happened to Damion Poitier? You know, the actor who got into all those prosthetics and costume just for a 3 second bone chilling smile in the end credit scene attached to Joss Whedon’s Avengers. I am incredibly gutted. I don’t like this news at all.