Joker & Harley Quinn vs Deadpool & Domino


There are a lot of upcoming movies we are excited about here at GeekyNews. We can’t deny that a chunk of those movies are based on some of our favorite comic book characters. A couple, Deadpool and Suicide Squad for example, are even particularly high on the “We really hope these don’t suck” list. This is probably why we get a little excited when someone does manage to do some of our favorite characters justice.

Super Power Beat Down creates videos showing the outcomes of super powered character matchups based on who users voted for. In their latest episode, the battle features the team of Deadpool and Domino going up against the Joker and Harley Quinn. Be warned before you take a look, this episode does include graphic violence and blood.

We start off with the Joker doing some seriously heinous surgery involving a hack saw. The Joker is visually perfect, he looks classic and is instantly recognizable.  This particular version of the Joker is played by Aaron Schoenke, who also directs the video. You probably also noticed his voice is reminiscent of Mark Hamill’s Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. The fun part? The voice is not Aaron Schoenke’s. The actor has been dubbed over by Jason Marnocha, to create the perfect Joker for this episode. By opening with a character that is so well recreated, it’s already love at first site for a lot of viewers.

Enter Domino and Deadpool, guns first. Deadpool’s is a toy blaster that makes pew pew sounds, and we are quickly treated to a reference involving Disney’s ownership of Marvel. Again, the characters are spot on, with Deadpool continuously breaking the fourth wall and Domino being exasperated by his complete inability to not stare at her, or any other woman’s, boobs.

Harley Quinn is adorable, bubbly, and seriously kick-ass. Domino and Harley have quite the fight scene, and it’s very well choreographed and a heck of a lot of fun to watch. She also uses her classic Harley charm once Deadpool gets involved, and it’s all just perfect. Rubber chicken, anyone?

With such amazing fan-made content out there, it makes you think that Hollywood should be able to churn out something we will love with ease.  Alas, we know this isn’t necessarily true. We’ll take this sort of content all day long though, with a smile.

Don’t forget to check out SPBD’s other great content on their YouTube channel.