Johnny Lee Miller Shares Elementary News

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The fabulous Entertainment Weekly is currently livestreaming interviews from San Diego Comic Con and we all get to reap the benefits!

Dalton Ross interviewed Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu about working on Elementary, CBS’ new Sherlock Holmes adaptation.

While the Elementary panel won’t be until later in the day, one very interesting tidbit has already come up. EW writer Dalton Ross asked about other canon characters (Mycroft, Moriarty, Lestrade) making it into the show.

Miller was slightly cagey, saying that creator Rob Doherty is still working out the season. BUT he did say that familiar faces would show up, that gender “will be played with again” (this in reference to the fact that Watson is now a woman), and that we will probably see Holmes’ father instead of his brother.

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Are you looking forward to Elementary?

  • Kelsey

    Ugh, no. This is such a disgustingly blatant ripoff of Sherlock that, like most ripoffs, will almost definitely be far inferior. And they may think that they’re being creative or counterculture or whatever with making Watson a woman, but I think it’s really just an excuse for them to be romantic tension without causing any controversy. And putting it in New York seems like a pander to all of us Americans who are obviously too stupid and self-absorbed to enjoy anything set in a country other than the US. This is one show that I definitely will NOT be watching. I’ll just rewatch some Sherlock instead.

  • tennant’sgirl

    what’s really popular and making lots of money atm?? sherlock holmes, lets approach the bbc to do a remake, get rejected and make our own anyway. the different between sherlock and elementary is that the creators of sherlock love sherlock holmes, and the creators of elementary love money