Guest Vloggers on Upcoming VlogBrothers Videos



Yesterday, John Green took to YouTube to announce the birth of his second child, Alice, and his temporary absence from future VlogBrothers videos due to paternity leave.

John first announced that his wife (who is commonly called the ‘Yeti’ due to her lack of presence within the VlogBrothers videos) was pregnant with their second child back in February, during a Google+ Fireside Hangout with President Barack Obama. During the talk Green asked the President to choose between the girls names Alice and Eleanor; the president chose not to answer due to fears that the baby might not end up liking the name he’d chosen. Instead, the President went on to shock fans by proceeding to tell John to remember to tell his baby “not to forget to be awesome” (DFTBA).

Despite his temporary leave from the VlogBrothers uploads, John will be appearing as normal in other YouTube videos such as Crash Course, Mental Floss and the Swoodilypoopers Strikeback which have all been filmed in advance. Temporarily replacing John in regular VlogBrothers videos will be Maureen Johnson, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Wheezy Waiter as well as two  Nerdfighter vloggers who recently won Nerd Factor.

More than 1600 vloggers posted videos for the chance to win Nerd Factor 2013. Originally, only one winner was to be chosen to guest vlog during John’s absence, however John and Hank were so impressed that they decided to pick two.

Here are the winners and their uploaded videos.



  • Liza Adams

    Typo – it’s MagicTurtle643. :)

  • Ally

    I love this! Although Obama didn’t want the baby not to like it, but that if John and the Yeti chose the other one, Obama didn’t want the baby to grow up thinking that the president liked another name.