JK Rowling and Pottermore Release Information on Ilvermorny; New Sorting Quiz

Managing Editor

Potter fans have certainly had an interesting 24 hours…

A day after the surprise release of tickets to a Fantastic Beasts screening in New York City, Pottermore has released new writing on the North American wizarding school Ilvermorny.

JK Rowling herself penned the school’s history, as well as its new sorting quiz. Let me say that again: New. Sorting. Quiz.

The whole thing was introduced by a really neat video that gave you a taste of the school’s origin story.

Then there’s a whopping 5300 word history of Ilvermorny and its founder Isolt Sayre. (Also: shout-out to Jo for the female protagonist and antagonist in her aunt Gormlaith.)

We’re currently reading through the story now and will update this article with more of our favorite bits.

Some choice information found in there:

  • Ilvermorny is located in the Berkshires in Massachusetts.
  • Isolt is descended from both the Morrigan as well as Salazar Sytherin thanks to the maternal connection to the Gaunt family.
  • Isolt traveled to America on the Mayflower disguised as a boy like she’s Potterverse equivalent of Charlotte Doyle
  • “Finally it seemed simplest to admit that they were in love, marry and have done with it” is the most realistic romance sentence I’ve ever read.
  • OK. SO. Everyone complained about the four houses of Ilvermorny being too close to Hogwarts. And the names of the houses, when they leaked, were silly and ridiculous. But how much more SENSE does it make when the houses were created by two young magical boys deciding they should each pick their favorite magical creature. And the whole reason the school mimics Hogwarts was to make the two orphaned Boot boys feel as though they didn’t lose out on having that style of education? I love this. All of it. A lot. Isolt is an angel.
  • Also I’m a Thunderbird and I feel POWERFUL
  • Ilvermorny grew from the family’s home into a school as news slowly spread to magic users in the area. It’s a very American story – the little school house built out of necessity that slowly grows more popular and becomes an institution. (I mean – every school started like that. But the cottage aspect of it feels very Little House on the Prairie to me. Also, as a graduate of the oldest public no-Maj school in America, which is also located in Massachusetts, I feel kinship here.)
  • More wand-lore: even though the stolen wand served Isolt faithfully, Gormlaith still had ownership over it. The wand’s owner can teach it “tricks” of a sort.
  • “Like all children, Chadwick had heard and understood more than his adoptive parents had ever imagined.” This is one of the best descriptors of children ever written.
  • Isolt crying “William” is the equivalent of Superman saying “save Martha” but I’m OK with it because the Pukwudgie’s return made my heart feel things.
  • Webster Boot became an auror for hire and emigrated back to the UK so that he could get going on securing Terry Boot’s existence in the future.
  • “Ilvermorny has the reputation of being one of the most democratic, least elitist of all the great wizarding schools.” Ah OK. So nothing like my high school alma mater.
  • Ilvermorny’s sorting ceremony is maybe my favorite thing Jo has ever written.
  • Instead of house colors, there are school colors: Blue and Cranberry.
  • 300 year old William is the only one allowed to polish Isolt’s statue and that made my heart feel feelings again.


SO! Did you read the history of Ilvermorny? What did you think??

And if you were sorted, what house are you in? Do you think it correlates, or compliments, your Hogwarts house?