J.K. Rowling reconsiders Ron and Hermione pairing

In an interview conducted by Emma Watson, J.K. Rowling said that she put Ron and Hermione together as a form of “wish-fullfilment,” according to The Sunday Times.

Rowling said that Ron and Hermione ended up together in the story because that was her original vision, not what necessarily made the most sense by the end. The Times article cites another article for Wonderland Magazine, in which Watson interviews Rowling. The story is due out Friday.

“I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfilment. That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron,” she said in the article.

In the article, Rowling said she knows her comments will upset fans.

“I know, I’m sorry, I can hear the rage and fury it might cause some fans, but if I’m absolutely honest, distance has given me perspective on that. It was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility,” she said.

According to The Times, Watson and Rowling “agree that Harry and Hermione were a better match than Ron and Hermione.”

Watson said she knew there were fans who questioned the strength of Ron and Hermione’s relationship.
“I think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether Ron would have really been able to make her happy,” she said.

She also said that Ron and Hermione would have “needed relationship counseling,” according to The Times.The full article will be out Friday in Wonderland Magazine.

  • indynerdgirl

    Wait. WHAT???? NONONONONONO. I’m sorry Jo, but I could never EVER see Hermione with Harry. Ron is perfect for her, he balances out her Type A personality so well. And Ginny is perfect for Harry because she won’t let him sit around and mope about his lot in life (like in OotP [book!Ginny btw, because movie!Ginny was horrible]). NO TAKE BACKS, JO.

  • JD Farrell

    Jo has not been connecting with the characters as much as we have/in the same way for years. We have constantly been rereading the books and reconnecting with the characters. She has lost touch. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to diss anyone else’s perspectives, but the reason Harry & Ginny and Ron & Hermione ended up together is because they wanted to. They were attracted to each other, and they worked together, and there are seven books documenting that.

    “She’s like my sister … I love her like a sister and I reckon she feels the same way about me. It’s always been like that. I thought you knew.”

    If not sooner, it was obvious that Ron and Hermione had feelings for each other from Goblet of Fire. And there have been strong hints towards Harry/Ginny as early as Philosopher’s Stone.

  • Gret

    Where does this leave that most useless of characters Ginny? Dead I hope. Still, H/Hr wouldn’t have been any good either.

    • Mattie

      She’s not useless! Ginny (book Ginny at least) is an amazing, well rounded character who earns her spot in life, She and Harry belong together and HBP proves that.

  • Dalton Avey

    you people realize this is a work of fiction. right!

    • Jay Lake

      *points at Dalton Avey * Go sit in the corner and think about what you just said
      this is more than fiction to us fans it a way of life .

      • Dalton Avey

        Yes I know what i said and it rings true.
        they were excellent books and movies, but that’s all.

  • Eliza

    I agree that Ron and Hermione would have had problems! They just bicker so much and there is dishonesty in the relationship in the epilogue. (Maybe I’m projecting myself a bit much, but I couldn’t stand for that sort of thing in a partner.) I can only imagine that a lot more development happened in their relationship after Voldemort’s death than we saw. However, I think the pairings as they are are good, and a satisfying end. The bickering is cute from a reader’s perspective. And anyway, UK driving tests are notoriously difficult!

  • The Clau Sirlopú

    I just have one thing to say: If Mugglenet and Leaky people are taking the Sunday Times as a source for this, then I will never trust them again. They have lost their status in my book as reliable sources for Harry Potter news. How many times has Jo had to come out and correct info posted in the Sunday times?? I refuse to accept this as truthful news until I see Jo’s official clarification that this is completely bonkers.

    • Philip

      I do believe you’re thinking of The Daily Mail not The Times

  • lastyearswishes

    lol But didn’t she say once that Harmony shippers were ‘delusional’? I think she’s letting the movies influence her too much, tbh. Kloves was constantly shoving H/Hr down everyone’s throats, something that was not present in the books (where H/Hr never had a hit of romance between them tbh, it was definitely a brother/sister type relationship). Dan and Emma definitely had more chemistry than her and Rupert (and again, more than Bonnie and Dan) but that shouldn’t affect what was happening in the books. The movies were a separate entity.

    I mean. It’s her story, I guess, she can say whatever she wants about it. It’s weird that she’s choosing to say something 7 years after DH but whatever. Again, it’s her work, even if I don’t agree with this statement at ALL. (sorry JKR, I still love and admire you so so much)

  • Alex

    I get what she is saying but I don’t think Harry would have been happy with Hermione either. Ginny is a great match for him, maybe Luna would have been too. Luna and Harry always seemed to connect on such a deep level. Hermione? I don’t think so..

  • Kelsey Lynn Weaver

    The pairing up the way it was written was lazy. Ron and Hermione were paired up because if she has paired her with Harry, she would have had to write in another character as a partner with Ron. Harry, for the hero that he was, should have gotten an actual romance with a well developed character. LAZY LAZY LAZY

  • Kelsey Lynn Weaver

    The pairing up the way it was written was lazy. Ron and Hermione were paired up because if she has paired her with Harry, she would have had to write in another character as a partner with Ron. Harry, for the hero that he was, should have gotten an actual romance with a well developed character. LAZY LAZY LAZY

  • cbm

    I never thought the Harry/Hermione shippers we delusional, after all Harry and Hermine did love each other, it was just platonic, not romantic love. I also thought the end of book 7 flowed better with Hermione paired with Ron. This allowed her to go with her romantic love to help him grieve for Fred as opposed to following Harry to Dumbledore’s office to view Snape’s memories. Nobody questioned why Harry ended up alone. I thought that JK Rowling had used the deaths and the Ron/Hermione ship to strip Harry of support so he could could walk alone to Dumbledore’s office and view Snape’s memories by himself. I thought she had been planning this ever since she killed off Sirius. Think of how different Deathly Hallows would have been if Sirius was still alive. After looking at it, I thought that the isolation of Harry so that he could meet his fate alone was brilliantly done.

    I have no problem with the Ron/Hermione ship, my only problem is Ron took a long time to grow up.

    I started a Scribbulus essay that delved into this subject, tackling ships and deaths and how they related to plot. To me it was very interesting to tackle how the deaths and shipped affected the plot.

  • bd

    Rowling’s writing did
    indeed lack sparks between Ron & Hermione in measure such as between epic characters
    in poetry, classic novels and even romance paperbacks. Surely for that reason
    and their own inexperience at least, there was unsurprisingly less than ample
    on-screen heat between young Grint & Watson.

    However, their characters’ young love for each other alongside the platonics of
    the relationship was easily believable enough for my taste, both in print and
    as drawn from, portrayed by & edited of Watson & Radcliffe.

    The movies reasonably abandoned “SPEW,” Hermione’s quixotic
    save-the-house-elf sub-plot, for the obvious run-time benefits. What they lost
    was precious little in sum. In meaning, it cost them the compelling deal-sealer
    for Hermione: Ron remembering, feeling the need and willingness to risk to save
    the Hogwarts house elfs during the big battle.

    They also left out Ron’s reading & reliance on that self-help slash dating
    manual which, although pretty contrived, demonstrated his delayed readiness to
    admit that he liked her for more than just having “nice skin.”

    Even so, the movie moments were fine, IMHO, starting with 11-year-old Hermione
    going out of her way to point out the dirt on Ron’s face when they first met,
    and including several times Ron going out of his way to tease, mock or
    otherwise make some common pre-pubescent show of affection for her — one of
    which left a clearly personally affected Hermione in tears and hiding for hours
    in the girl’s bathroom.

    Prisoner of Azkaban had 13-year-old Hermione & Ron both believably
    uncomfortable with their affection for one another, starting with their
    otherwise forgettable, snowy little scene at Hogsmeade in which they first saw
    the Shrieking Shack.

    Through then and into Goblet of Fire, in both book and movie series, Harry
    displayed overwhelming emotional interest in his parents’ memory, his role
    w/r/t Voldemort and all of a sudden in Sirius more than in also-important
    friendships with Hermione & Ron, relationships with quasi-guardians Hagrid,
    Dumbledore & Lupin and antipathy for Snape, the Malfoys & the Dursleys.

    More than that and especially in the flicks, though he would sacrifice himself
    for them as well as strangers, Harry seemed to take for granted the
    various devotions of Weasleys, Dobby, Hedwig, Neville & Seamus, Professor
    McGonagall, his Quidditch teammates and others from Colin Grevey to Minister

    Hermione seemed aware from the get-go of, while noble, Harry’s lonely,
    dispassionate focus. For that and other reasons, pretty often & blithely on
    both page and screen, she demonstrated preternatural recognition of their

    For example, she took over for the injured Ron on it being not them
    but Harry having to go on from the chess game. “You’re a great wizard,
    Harry.” “Me? Books. Cleverness.”

    She was always impatient with both guys for not reading, writing, on sports and
    flying, and the rules. In neither media were the differences blatantly apparent
    in how she treated the two. But they were there and consistent, and more &
    more they morphed into Hermione & Ron fearfully trusting in the chosen
    Harry Potter.

    She never stopped berating Harry for bad planning; for being thick w/r/t
    ignoring help from her & Ron; for failing to do the proper things like
    figure out the dragon’s egg, turn in the map or ignore the Half-Blook Prince’s
    handwritten potions notes; for not going to Dumbledore or other authorities;
    for rushing in where fools fear to tread like flying up to confront Malfoy that
    first broom day, rushing down to the lake to deal with all those Dementors,
    risking those scar-pained connections with the dark lord, following Bagshot
    upstairs and on and on.

    Meanwhile and increasingly, she saw Ron step up to the plate from when he saved
    her from the troll with the very incantation for which he’d made fun of her not
    too long before, through his admittedly ill-fated efforts to stand up for her
    against Malfoy (with a broken wand that left him vomiting slugs) & Hagrid’s
    giant half-brother, and continuing through his reluctant GOF reconciliation
    with Harry (which earned him Fleur’s affection).

    Hermione’s attraction to Ron solidified physically as he began to grow tall
    & athletic (like his brothers) the year he started accruing Quidditch
    achievements (without the aid of Liquid Luck), and mentally (like his brothers)
    as he accumulated clever contributions like escaping from Umbridge’s Inquisitor
    squad & the ambush at the start of book 7 for which Tonks told her he
    deserved the hug she gave him.

    The Seven Part 1 flick cemented all of this with demonstrations of the
    increasing complexity of character he’d developed in keeping Harry from leaving
    before the wedding, showing restraint instead of killing the death-eaters at
    the diner in favor of Hermione wiping their memories (for she was “best at
    spells”), displaying such great heart when poly-juiced up as the rescued
    witch’s husband and such.

    The deluminator relaying her whisper as a ball of light into his
    heart as a call with the way for Ron to return, of course, made clear
    his epic devotion, amplified by his clumsy little follow-ups that morphed into
    passionate defenses at Malfoy Manor as Bellatrix tortured her and into the
    Fiend Fire (and back) in the Room of Requirement.

    That she “got it” was clear way back, as I wrote, in Book 1 with the
    dirt, Book 3 in the snow, Book (and moreso Movie) 4 at the Yule Ball, and more
    and more in less and less young adult ways in Book & Movie 5 forward. She
    also “got it” w/r/t Harry even before he did, recognizing how he had
    it never for her but did for Cho and then Ginny, as confirmed by the anything-but-electric
    moments in the woods when she suggested they stay and grow old there and again
    when they danced (nice addition to the books).

    The epilogue indeed failed to depict what might have been an inspirational
    realization of their compatibility, where they took pride in partnership with
    him finding reason and ability to realize the many Weasley strengths in himself
    as man, husband and father, with her life lightened up by his humor and
    comforted in his true devotion, and with both still hot for each other.

    Most importantly, of course, in preferring Ron over Harry: Ron’s pretty tall
    and Harry isn’t.