J.K. Rowling Might Have Killed Ron in Harry Potter

Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling spoke, albeit slightly jokingly, about the killing of one of her main characters in a new clip from an interview with Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) set to be included on the forthcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Blu-ray DVD.  In the clip, which can be seen here, the Harry Potter author discusses a time while writing the books during which she honestly considered killing Ron Weasley, one of the beloved Trio.  It’s no spoiler to reveal that she didn’t, but, as Ms. Rowling goes on to explain in the interview, it’s a relief for her to be able to speak freely about the subject.  Check out the full clip below!

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  • Thelastmuggle101


  • http://twitter.com/MummyHufflepuff GinnyRose

    so glad she did not kill Ron I love Ron Ron <3 have to get this blu ray

  • Jojobanks

    Harry should have died with voldy in the last one

  • Anonymous

    Ron dying to save Hermione. That was one of my prediction back after Book 5, I think. I’m glad I was wrong but to think that there was the possibility of Ron actually dying…

  • Gene

    Ron cannot die because he’s Hermione’s true love.

    • Naji2k8

      You’re quoted on The Guardian you know.

    • bored

      They would definately not go together in real life she is always shown as motivated, hard working and compassionate whereas he is shown as lazy, jealous and often very selfish and immature. Also their ‘bickering like an old married couple’ is actually more like arguments in which he ignores her points, in a good relationship they’d listen to each others points. Ron also is very inconsiderate of her beliefs (as shown by S.P.E.W) neither is he very respectful of her muggle background. Finally, a relationship that is based on one partner running away and then coming back and forgiven for everything (like in book 7) is not likely to be healthy.

      • Rebs

        Opposites attract. You only talk about the bad points of Ron, and although I agree 100 percent that he can be lazy, jealous, and immature, he’s also funny and sweet; he’s only jealous because he comes from a big family full of people who he feels are much better than himself. All he needs is self-confidence, which is one thing Hermione has always given him. Back to opposites attract, Ron and Hermione compliment each other, she’s bright, but sometimes never has time for fun. Ron is funny and sweet and can always make her laugh.

        You said Ron is inconsiderate of her beliefs, but if you read book 7 (which you made a reference to later in your paragraph) during the battle of Hogwarts, Ron states that they should release the elves so they won’t be killed, and this shows he is considerate of what Hermione feels. By saying it, he earns Hermione’s “kissing him full on the lips”. And I have never heard Ron being inconsiderate of Hermione’s muggle background.

  • Critterfur7

    I never got any of the deaths right in Harry Potter. I was sure Hagrid was going to die in Book 5 (nope, it was Sirius, who I figured was safe since it seemed like he had suffered enough). I didn’t see Dumbledore’s death coming at all, mostly because it seemed cliched (the old wise wizard dying and leaving the hero to figure things out on their own had been used in Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and probably most ancient myths throughout history). And now I hear that Jo Rowling not only seriously considered killing off Arthur Weasley, but also Ron (and poor Fred actually did die). I guess it’s a surprise any of the Weasleys are left standing at the end :)

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  • Tcool

    I don’t know anything about the books, but obviously the movie doesn’t follow the book if the author is the one who decides who lives and dies, whenever they feel like it, or for “spite”. It’s just insane that any author making millions off a movie could ever be in a bad mood enough to write someone off the show just for spite. Sounds more like a stuck up rich person.

    • Critterfur7

      Well, friend, I’ll just politely suggest that you’ve probably never experienced writer’s block, or struggled with plot holes or the inevitable ennui that sets in when writing about characters for an extended period of time. A writer can develop a love/hate relationship with their characters (and this is coming from an aspiring writer). Arthur Conan Doyle actually did kill off Sherlock Holmes (out of spite and at the height of his popularity) by having him fall off a waterfall engaged in battle with his mortal enemy, Moriarty. The public was outraged, and Doyle was forced to write another Holmes story where he saved Holmes from death.

      A writer can decide to kill characters for many reasons, ranging from running out of plotlines for a character, to losing interest in a character, to setting up a greater plotline resulting from that character’s death. Some writers kill off a character even though in their heart they might not want to, because it will serve the larger story. The relationship between a creator and their creations is quite strange, sometimes. It doesn’t matter how much money someone may be making off of something; if they have creative integrity, they won’t worry about milking something for all it’s worth, and instead they’ll write the story they want to write.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ichigh0st Melissa Enright

      your first comment makes no sense. “obviously the movie doesn’t follow the book if the author is the one who decides who lives and dies” seriously, what are you even talking about? and its her creation, her characters – she can kill who she wants. and do you know how much time she spent working while writing Harry Potter? She worked literally every minute of every day – it ticking away in her head. imagine if your work week never ever stopped, no matter your paycheck. time with your kids? nope, you share that with work. having breakfast? also work. imagine that life for 1 moment. sucks, doesn’t it?

    • Rebs

      Your comment “Obviously the movie doesn’t follow the book if the author is the one who decides who lives and dies” struck me as somewhat rude. JK Rowling created the characters and, in fact, this whole Harry Potter world, and it seems that you’re implying that she doesn’t have the right to kill off her own characters. Rowling was most likely, as said in earlier comments, going through writers block; even if she weren’t, characters still have to die, because it shows what the world is really like, not just some happy, cheery, perfect world of sunshine.

      At your comment of “making millions off the movies”, she is an author, therefore she made millions off of the books. JK Rowling’s came from a poor family, and has experienced her mother dying; you should realize that JK could never be a stuck-up person. She only became rich because of pure talent, and a lot of her money is given to charities.

    • sd

      I’m not sure I understand what you mean by your first thought. Are you saying that the author doesn’t have the right to kill a character just because said character is popular in the movies, which are based on the books?

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  • Dohnut

    Wish she had’ve killed Ron.
    Grumpy ginger bastard.
    He was funny in the first few books, but then….
    Although. Can someone be killed if they do not have a soul…?

    • Eimearheary

      what the hell you don’t have a heart. Ron is one of the best ones there and if Voldemort looked at you he would start to cry.

  • http://www.worldwidecosplay.com Ellehello

    At last, it’s a happy ending. Not many people died.

    • Omg


  • Sara

    OMG! I’m shocked by this announcement! :O Luckily, she changed her mind! Unless, if she hadn’t, I would have been really really sad and upset!!!!!

  • Intrested

    I thaught it could have been a very good idea

  • Not cool

    Harry potter should have some more links gosh