It’s Official – Glee Plans Moulin Rouge Tribute Episode!

Managing Editor

If you’ve been following Ryan Murphy on Twitter (@MrRPMurphy) – which you should be, because not only does he tweet behind-the-scenes shots from Glee, American Horror Story, and The New Normal, but he is sassy and funny in a way he rarely is in interviews – you’ve watched him slowly try to talk himself into doing a Moulin Rouge Tribute on Glee.

August 31st : I talked to Baz about doing an MR tribute episode. I love him. He is so talented. (x)
September 5th: If you had a choice…80s episode or Moulin Rouge episode? (x)
September 5th: But, now I’m stuck on the Moulin Rouge idea. (x)
September 13th: I want Moulin Rouge. (x)
September 20th: I want a Klaine duet in the Moulin Rouge episode. (x)

It’s been fun watching him go from hypotheticals to determination and clearly planning out song choices. And now it appears to be official! Jenny Cooney, on set for a Hollywood Foreign Press event, just tweeted (sic) “scoop; there will be #moukinrouge [sic] tribute episode this season!”(x)

What do you think, Gleeks? Are you tired of tribute episodes or has this been on your wish list? How will they even make the storyline fit in – will they even bother? What songs do you want to see recreated and who do you want to sing them? Are you behind Ryan on the Klaine duet? Now’s the time to make your predictions!



  • Ally

    This is a bad idea

  • Sabrina

    Klaine singing Come What May would complete my life.

  • Beka

    Shush this is the greatest thing to ever happen

  • Rebecca

    If Klaine doesn’t sing Come What May I don’t wanna live.

    • Wendy kroy

      They wont. Should i call 911? ……

  • Christine Rogers

    Isn’t a Moulin Rouge tribute episode sort of the same thing as an 80s tribute episode? I mean, “Come What May” is the only original song, and while there is also a mashup, most of the songs are from the 70s and 80s. Queen, Madonna, David Bowie…

  • Cori

    I think he should let people know what happened to Samcedes instead of acting like it didn’t happen…

  • Carolyn

    I just really want Blaine to sing Your Song (although I wouldn’t say no to some Come What May)

  • Sadhbh


  • Beca

    As a Klainer, Come What May does have a special spot in my heart because it’s a fitting song for them BUT, if it so happens that they’re not the couple singing it, I’d want them to sing Your Song as a duet. Because it is just as beautiful and love-y as Come What May

  • kklainer

    literally the greatest thing to happen to the show

  • Melly

    I enjoy Glee, and Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie, but I’m about 93% certain that they’ll screw the whole episode up as badly as they did with their cover of Cell Block Tango from Chicago. I just think some things are too sacred for Glee’s fine line between over the top comedy and complete melodrama…

  • Ellie

    I personally think they left it too late. “One Day I’ll Fly Away” would have been perfect for Rachel’s character in high school, but obviously not now. I suppose Tina could sing it, as could Finn, but I don’t think it would have the same effect.

    I think Glee has already covered just about every song from “Elephant Love Medley” independently anyway, so I’ll leave that one.

    “Come What May” would make a lovely duet between any of the couples I think: Brittana, (although personally, I would love to hear it from Naya, but I’m not huge on HeMo’s voice), Finchel (cliche but whatever), Klaine (adorable. I want it.), Quick (mainly because I miss them SO MUCH), or even Wemma, just to change it up a bit.
    “Your Song” has got Lea written all over it, but I’d really, really love to hear it from Chris or Naya.

    “Nature Boy” goes to Chris. No question in my mind. At. ALL.

    Overall, I think they can do these songs independently through the series but not as a tribute. The songs are all by different artists, and the only original is CWM. Even though I have to admit that Moulin Rouge is actually my favourite movie of all time, I don’t think I want Glee to do a tribute to it.

    Also, you’ll notice that I didn’t mention any S4 newcomers. That is because I do not like them enough yet to give them some of my favourite songs (except Jake, I love Jake), but that might change in the future.

  • KookyKat

    I love Moulin Rouge- it’s my favourite movie ever so if Glee did a tribute I would be so happy! (as long as they give Come What May to a good couple- ie.Klaine or Finchel

  • Lucy