Is Charlie Hunnam In Line To Be DC’s Chris Evans?


Probably not, but rumors off, have Sons of Anarchy (OR Undeclared!) fans buzzing that the actor may be going super for the DC universe.

The catch? He’s apparently wanted for two different roles in two different films: The Flash in the long, long, long gestating Justice League and John Constantine in Guillermo Del Toro’s Dark Universe.  I’m doubting they’d go with Hunnam for both roles. “Wait!” you might be saying,” Chris Evans portrays Captain America AND the Human Torch.” You’d be right in saying that, but two different production companies own the rights to those characters. Cap is a Marvel Studios property and the Human Torch is part of the Fantastic Four who are owned by 20th Century Fox.  Hunnam’s potential characters are both part of the WB-DC connection and it would very strange for a company to have him pulling double duty with two pretty different characters. So which is more likely?

At this juncture it appears, Dark Universe is going to get off the ground first.  It’s got Del Toro’s juice and is about to he handed off for screenwriting. Also, Del Toro worked with Hunnam in the forthcoming Pacific Rim and has cast him in horror film, Crimson Peak.  Perhaps Del Toro has found his pairing, like Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Ryan Gosling and Derek Cianfrance/Nicolas Winding Refn.

Cigarettes? Check. Attitude? Check.

I personally favor Hunnam in the Constantine role as well. I like him as the tough, tortured motorcycle renegade with a heart on Sons of Anarchy. He certainly has the cigarette-smoking experience to pull off the ole Hellblazer.