ICYMI: John Green Talks About All The Things During Reddit AMA


John Green held a Reddit AMA this morning answering questions from and talking with fans, ranging from light hearted discussion about pizza to questions about Crash Course, his books, and film adaptations.

For many fans, the question, “Why isn’t Looking for Alaska a film yet?” is often asked, and this AMA is no exception. Essentially, the answer is, “It’s complicated.”

“It is really, really hard to get people to say ‘I want to spend $15,000,000 to make a movie out of a book not that many people have read’…I’m not bummed out that Alaska hasn’t been made into a movie. (It may someday; I don’t control the rights and never will.) There’s something magical to a story belonging to its readers and only to its readers, and I’m very grateful that Alaska has continued to find its way in the world without the boost of a movie adaptation. Harry Potter will forever be Daniel Radcliffe to me. I can’t remember how I imagined Harry before the movies. But your Pudge and your Alaska…they still belong to you. They are still inside your head, and yours alone. There’s something wonderful about that.”

So the fate of that film rests with Paramount. But who knows, if The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns become fantastic hits, then Paramount would be foolish not to follow their lead.

Green also talked about Crash Course and where they are planning on taking it next. Financially, the channel seems to be doing quite well, with viewers funding it through Subbable. But what is the planned next step for the channel?

“The challenge now is expanding our offerings so that Crash Course can be useful to a wider variety of students and people who are just interested in learning. The first step on that front is a 10-episode Big History course, an interdisciplinary approach to history that begins with the Big Bang and charts the formation of the Solar System and eventual emergence of life. That project is funded by a Bill Gates organization, and we’re really excited about it. But there will be a wider variety of courses in the future.”

Questions also addressed the Nerdfighter community, asking if it’s possible to keep that “community” element with the “fans base explosion” (user sophloaf247′s words) caused by The Fault in Our Stars movie.

“There were a few hundred Nerdfighters in July of 2007, and then Hank’s song Accio Deathly Hallows went viral and there were suddenly several thousand Nerdfighters. That transition was very challenging for us personally and for the community, but I really think we emerged from it with a stronger sense of our shared values as Nerdfighters and a better platform for doing stuff together like the Project for Awesome.

In our videos, we aren’t talking that much about all the attention and scrutiny that accompanies the TFIOS movie because we mostly just want to keep the community the same. (I mean, my first video after TFIOS comes out will be about Behind the Beautiful Forevers, this summer’s Nerdfighter book club selection.)

I think it will be challenging for a while, but I also think Nerdfighters are generally a pretty welcoming and supportive bunch. I’m very grateful to everybody for their patience with me in my time of intense crazy, though.”

John also discussed some other topics, including some of his favorite things, where his inspirations come from, and general writing and life advice. You can check out the full AMA here.