ICYMI: First Sherlock Series 4 Trailer Makes Its Debut


Until yesterday, we only knew a handful of things about the long, long, looong-anticipated fourth series of Sherlock. We knew that Toby Jones would be playing a villain, Sherlock had obtained a canine companion, and that the show wouldn’t return until 2017 ( fact that we have finally realized, in mid-2016, is indeed true).

On the whole, that’s not a lot to go on. Thanks to Comic-Con, however, Sunday’s Sherlock panel unleashed the first teaser trailer for the new series upon the world. Don your shock blanket in preparation and jump in below.

To recap what we just saw:

  • John (?)  is watching someone in a hospital bed.
  • Moriarty may or may not be back in some capacity.
  • Sherlock goes to a pool again (see above point for potential explanation).
  • Lindsay Duncan’s Lady Smallwood is back.
  • John’s got dad hair.
  • Mary has taken up undercover assassination again. (According to EWher baby is still a thing, so we wanna know how she does it all.)
  • Toby Jones is seriously unnerving.
  • Molly’s not cool with Sherlock’s shenanigans.
  • Sherlock seems totally out of his depth.
  • Bill Wiggins (the Sherlock in-training from “His Last Vow”) may be spotted at one point?
  • Mrs. Hudson slays Mycroft with one line.
  • There is talk of Sherlock’s demons and creepy hospital imagery—references to Sherlock’s past drug use, perhaps?
  • This. Series. Looks. So. Dark.

Considering the show isn’t even done filming for series four, it’s a treat to have a teaser trailer so soon. Have any theories about Sherlock‘s next three episodes? Let us know in the comments!