ICMYI: Harry Potter Pop!s Wave 2


If you are collecting the Harry Potter Pop! line, get ready because Wave 2 is just around the corner!

We admit, we knew this wasn’t going to be a one time endeavor when we dove into the world of Funko Pop!s to snag our favorite Harry Potter characters. Now we’ve been sitting around for a few months asking how many variants of Harry are too many, while daydreaming about a Flying Ford Anglia as a Pop! Ride and a 6″ Fluffy to sit next to Hagrid on our shelves.

Wave 2 of the Harry Potter Pop! line is going to deliver several more fan favorites, plus some great variants of already released characters:

  • Harry will get a Triwizard Tournament makeover.
  • Dumbledore looks even more adorable in his Goblet of Fire robes.
  • Hermione and Ron get a Yule Ball update and look fantastic!
  • Sirius, Luna, Draco, Neville and Dobby make their Funko Pop! debut!
  • A Dementor that looks really creepy, even if it’s only concept art.

Harry Potter Pop! Wave 2 Concept Art

As far as design and details, it looks like Ron and Hermione in their Yule Ball finery are going to be the show pieces of this Wave. The Dementor art probably isn’t doing that piece justice, so we are excited to see that one in person! We are pretty disappointed that McGonagall isn’t in this round, but we have a pretty good feeling there will be a Wave 3 in this line.

According to Dorkside Toys, we should be seeing this set sometime in the first quarter of 2016. However, there is no solid release date as of yet. While Dorkside did have pre-orders up for a short time in November, currently no other retailer has pre-orders listed for this set. These being commons, once released they should be readily available at retailers such as Hot Topic and Barnes & Noble. If you are more interested in pre-ordering to guarantee they get added to your shelf, ask your local comic book retailer about them or keep an eye on websites such as Entertainment Earth and Amazon.