Hutcherson Says Ross Will Be Back for “Catching Fire”


As Josh Hutcherson, who played Peeta in the first Hunger Games film, does press this week for Detention, he is answering questions about the  foofaraw over whether the acclaimed director Gary Ross will be back for Catching Fire. Both sides of the negotiation table are wielding the press like a scalpel to fan this flame, and, well, what can we say? We’re sharing it all with you here, because it gives us an excuse to show you a photo of Josh Hutcherson it’s newsworthy and important. We italicized it so you know.

Anyway: Hutcherson says to 

“There is not much doubt in my mind he’ll be doing it. I think so. I don’t think there’s a chance he won’t…He killed the first one, absolutely knocked it out of the park. Everyone loved him. Myself, Jennifer and the others loved him. I couldn’t imagine making another movie without him, so that’s what I have to say about that…”

So! When do you think all this hullaballoo will be over? Who do you want to see directing Catching Fire? How many Games puns can we make in our headlines? This one is called The Bread Games: Peeta Speaks Out.