Hunger is Not a Game in the New York Times


The New York Times has once again featured Imagine Better’s Hunger is Not a Game campaign, reiterating the incredible influence fandoms can have.

Courtney Martin was the same reporter who featured Hunger is Not a Game ten days previously – one day before Lionsgate sent its cease-and-desist letter. Lionsgate has since backtracked, and Martin explains that “this isn’t the first time that this new generation of netizens has put Hollywood in its place using the power of social media,” referring to the HPA’s Not in Harry’s Name campaign.

Martin explains what this kind of activism means for the internet generation: “The incident can be seen as part of a larger developing story about the ways in which the Internet and its savviest fans are threatening corporate control…”

Tell us something we don’t know! The power of fans is a beautiful thing.