HPA and Public Knowledge Bring YouTube Creators Together on Net Neutrality


The Harry Potter Alliance has been working on a campaign to have the FCC reconsider its stance on net neutrality since August 20th, but a new project with non-profit Public Knowledge takes the campaign to a new level. They’re bringing together YouTube creators, people part of an industry that would be directly affected, and asking them to do what they do best: make videos.

Other than signing a pledge and petition at http://www.videocreatorsfornetneutrality.org (which already has 11,000 creators adding up to 14 billion views), a few creators will be making videos that the HPA and Public Knowledge will be projecting on a big screen outside the FCC for 36 straight hours starting on September 16th at 7:00 AM. The HPA has a lot of your favorite YouTubers involved, reportedly including Vlogbrothers, Hannah Hart, MinutePhysics, Annoying Orange, and Starkid. Keep an eye out for those videos, they’ll be creative and fun ways of addressing a serious online issue.

We know lots of you are passionate about net neutrality, and clearly so are the YouTube creators we love.