Howard the Duck Comes Back to Comics


Howard the Duck blinked back into pop culture prominence after his polarizing Guardians of the Galaxy post-credits scene. But love it or hate it, that scene got people talking – and apparently talk is enough. Howard is getting his first solo series in seven years, in the hands of Chip Zdarsky (Sex Criminals) and Joe Quinones (Captain Marvel).

Zdarsky tells EW and readers to “Expect a humorous tale of time and sexuality!” and that they’re going to “explore the Marvel Universe with a very short tour guide.” The series will find Howard – an avian alien who hails from a planet where the apex race evolved from common ducks rather than monkeys – working as a private detective. Quinones is shooting to straddle the line art-wise between cartoony and more realistic, setting him apart from being “a literal cartoon duck, like Daffy or Donald.” The new series launches in March 2015.

(Can I bite your nose off with my super-bill?)

So, let us know in the comments below: Are you a Howard fan or does this whole thing taste fowl to you? Would you be interested in a feature-length Howard film to add to the MCU, or was once enough? And do you think the new Howard is still well-versed in Quack-Fu?