How Toonami Changed My Life

Copy Editor

We all have our own coming-of-nerd stories of how we discovered we were the geekiest of them all. My story has quite a lot to do with this classic after school segment on Cartoon Network. Here are five reasons Toonami changed my life. Shall we?


1. Toonami let me bond with my brother.

Okay, by bonding, I mean he took the remote and forced me to watch it because he was older and got to decide what we watched. I pretended to be frustrated, but I loved the excuse to watch Dragon Ball Z. It wasn’t cool to be a nerd, and it wasn’t cool to be a nerd that was a girl—only with the nerds was that cool. So what, I wanted to have stuff in common with my brother. So what, I was watching Gundam Wing and ReBoot. At least I was with family.

We watched endless episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, and Tenchi Muyo!, a show I still don’t get. Toonami allowed us to bond over Yu Yu Hakusho, which became my no. 1 obsession in my teens besides Harry Potter. Oh, the fanfiction I wrote—but more on that later.


2. It gave me nerd culture.

Toonami was an early peek into what my life would soon become— an enthusiastic leap down the rabbit hole which introduced me to anime, technology (a la ReBoot) and sheer classics like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball. It was easy to watch these shows everyday after school and develop a true love for this nerd culture I couldn’t even imagine would become such a large part of my life.

Hot Topic has moved away from its roots and turned into a one-stop shop for any mall rat to procure items from Mario, to My Little Pony, and Pokémon. With the uprising of technology and it’s importance in the world, the interests of the people designing it have emerged as well. Nerds are taking over, yo. It’s cool to be overly passionate about something you love. Toonami was at the center of this cultural creation.