“How I Met Your Mother” Launches Puzzles Bar Site

If you saw Monday’s all-new episode of How I Met Your Mother, you know that Ted and Barney rang in 2012 by realizing their dream of opening up their own bar, Puzzles. (Why’s it called Puzzles? That’s the puzzle!) Now the minds behind the hit CBS comedy have launched the website puzzlesthebar.com, featuring menu items, a calendar of events, and further explanation of what Puzzles is about. Make sure you have your volume up, as clicking on the main site brings up their theme song, along with an episode of the official podcast.

What is Puzzles about? Depending on who you ask, it’s either “A place for Manhattan’s intelligentsia to gather and discuss literature, philosophy and other topics of merit” (Co-owner Theodore Mosby) or “New York’s sexiest bar owner and hottest, dirtiest VIP room!” (Co-owner Barney Stinson) Either way, Puzzles sounds like it’s the place to be.

(Warning: in true How I Met Your Mother form, some of the material isn’t suitable for children.)

  • Jen

    The site is too funny! Too bad it isn’t a real place.. except their menu may be a bit lacking :)