How I Met Your Mother Final Season to Span One Weekend

UPDATE: For the first time in the show’s run, How I Met Your Mother is expanding the core group. Actress Cristin Milioti (a.k.a. The Mother) has been named a series regular, according to TVLine. While there have been numerous big guest stars in the past, the regular cast has never been expanded beyond the five core members. While that doesn’t necessarily mean Milioti will be in every single episode, it is clear she will be a huge presence in the show’s final season.

That’s right. After the long-awaited reveal of The Mother in the Season 8 finale, we will still have to wait a while before Ted finally meets her. In a article posted earlier today, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler confirmed the whole of season 9 will span the course of Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend. The audience will see how each character meets The Mother. Presumably, Ted will actually meet her in the series finale.

Cristin Milioti as HIMYM's titular mother
Cristin Milioti as HIMYM’s titular mother

While it’s nice the creators are giving us time to get to know The Mother instead of just showing her face in the series finale, this sounds like the most frustrating concept for a season. This means 22-24 episodes of Ted angsting over the fact that Robin is marrying Barney. 22-24 episodes of Robin wondering if she is doing the right thing by marrying Barney. 22-24 episodes of Marshall trying to figure out how to tell Lily he wants to accept a judgeship instead of moving to Italy with her. It just seems like the entire last season is going to feel super stagnant.

Maybe showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas will prove me wrong. However, this sounds like the most painful idea for the last season of an otherwise great show.

  • jpegfilms

    I couldn’t agree more. They’re effectively putting a complete freeze on any character development. I’ve defended the show SOO many times, but bringing up the whole Ted//Robin thing AGAIN!!?!? And now it’s gonna last the entire season next year! GAH!!! I hate this idea and I hope to GOD they realize it’s stupid and only make it last a few episodes.

  • TaraMaclay

    Noooo! I used to love HIMYM so much because it had great characters, was funny, and had heart. Now it is just the same dramatic plot line over and over again…cough…Ted & Robin…Cough. And now they are doing this?! Not to mention the mother reveal was such a let down, it was just like, oh look there is the mother you have been waiting EIGHT YEARS to see!!! The show still has great actors and some great moments but I am just a little annoyed with it right now.

  • heather23renae

    I was really hoping we’d get to watch them fall in love and have a few fights and get back together… This just feels like the writer’s are pretty sure they can never live up to our expectations and so they don’t even want to bother. This does not sound promising…

  • Nicole

    I was hoping that this season we would see from the point that Ted meets her to when he realises that she’s ‘the one’, with perhaps the season finale ending in a proposal. This sounds very strange, I assume it will involve a lot of flashbacks. I’ve never really cared about who the mother is, and I think HIMYM suffers when it focuses on telling that story as opposed to telling the main character’s stories and being funny. I do like the look of the mother, I can definitely see her with Ted, and so now I just want to actually see her with Ted, not have 22 episodes of them still not interacting.

  • alex dahlberry

    Huh. I think it actually sounds like it’ll give the writers a lot of chance for creativity. Knowing HIMYM this means there will be LOADS of flashback stories, they’re not just going to be stuck in the wedding weekend.
    I agree that it COULD be frustrating, but I think it’ll actually be great.