“House Of Hades” Spoiler


While The Mark of Athena tour has ended, the book continues to be a huge success. “The book has been #1 on the New York Times series list, the Wall Street Journal list, and the USA Today list for two weeks, now. It’s also the #1 children’s book in Canada, Australia and New Zealand,” writes author Rick Riordan on his blog. In his recent post Riordan answers some of the common post-MoA questions he’s received from fans, most of all confirming that the next installment of The Heroes of Olympus series The House of Hades won’t be out until fall 2013.

The Mark of Athena ends in a major cliffhanger and Riordan gives fans an important detail about the future of the heroes Percy and Annabeth (SPOILER ALERT):

The one thing I can promise regarding “The House of Hades”  ***SPOILER ALERT****  At the end of “Mark of Athena”, Nico senses that Percy and Annabeth are still alive, despite the incredible danger they are in. Nico is right. They are alive. You WILL find out what is happening to them in the next book. They don’t disappear from the story.  **** END SPOILER ALERT*****

Percabeth fans rejoice!

  • http://www.kernelscorner.com/ Kernel’s Corner

    Oh my… I just can’t resist even with the Spoiler word. And I am not even done reading The Mark of Athena.

    • Awesomeness

      ddaaang!you just ruined the whole awesome book for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Shaftsword Shaft Almasy

    Haha someone really thinks of that as a spoiler? Bless I thought I was going to get some real juicy gossip that might keep me going for a month or two.

  • bob

    That was no spoiler. It tells you that at the end of the book.

  • Zaeem Asvat

    Finally, after all these years, Rick Riordan is about to show us Tartarus in view of Percy and Annabeth!

  • QueenSafi

    Everyone probably already knew that Percabeth was NOT going to die!

  • Lucy

    Really? DUHHH THEY ARE GOING TO LIVE! what do u think the house of hades book going to be?!?! a bunch of blank pages?!?!

  • bob

    That wasn’t even a spoiler alert they cant die there the main characters.

  • Anonymous

    my biggest fear is that since the last book was entirely in the point of view of the Greeks the next book will be entirely in the point of view of the Romans

    • http://www.facebook.com/noor.naqeeb Noor Fareed

      god i hope not -.- …. i cant stand reading frank’s POV !!
      though reading nico’s would be awesome

    • Belle Smith

      hang on, that would mean no reading from Percabeth’s POV!!! NOOOOO! (the world has ended!)

      • Percabeth rules

        The spoiler says we will find out Percabeth’s POV so that’s not really a problem but a preview I read starts with Hazel’s POV and it said she will have to face some danger when she gets to the house of hades having to do with her dad

  • no name

    OH GOD…. if percy and annabeth went to tarturus at MoA then what will be the cliff hanger on HoH

    • Faye

      uhhh percy proposing to annabeth? ahh no i want a longer story of their love like :)

      • Faye

        love life I mean.

  • cat hats


  • Leo Valdez, Will. Not. Die.

    Grrrr, thats no spoiler. How am i supposed to live with myself when I know Leo could die, or percy and Annabeth might nor make it through Tartarus. I also do not need to be reading to story through Franks eyes, I love Hazel but Frank can get on my Nerves sometimes. No offence to Frank Lovers; Frank a big cuddly Panda according to some, but to me… No, just no.

  • annaymas

    Hurry up Rick send out the book!!!!!!if percy and annabeth do not have pov we will cry

  • kios655

    you are right shaft almacy I thought that that they were going to sneek peek of house of hades.

  • Leo Valdez is a boss

    To be honest, I don’t really like frank myself. But it just makes me so sad that he is actually going to die in the last book.

  • hillel Dimbert

    What if Tartarus is the Land of Demons in the Duat? that would definitely creep Nico out if he saw it without knowing what it was…

  • hillel Dimbert

    What if Tartarus is the Land of Demons in the Duat? that would definitely creep Nico out if he saw it without knowing what it was…

  • Faye

    that’s a spoiler? it didn’t even make me feel more excited…well i hope Rick will give us more thrill at the last part of HoH than in MoA…what would it be like? hmm the feeling of having a heart attack?

  • AnnePhoenix

    Guys, just look at this site : http://www.hypable.com/2013/05/31/house-of-hades-cover-rick-riordan/
    It’s like, absolutely tear jerking, and almost died of excitement, shock, and hell, a lot of things, just looking at it :D

  • Belle Smith

    ahhhh relief at last :P
    hmm even though it was pretty obvious from the front cover and the ending of the last book… also i think that Rick values his life to much to kill of Percabeth…

  • Corinne
  • Percabeth Lover

    Do u really think ricks gonna kill Percabeth?! I sure dont!


    AHHMYYGERD. I’m so excited I can’t even breathe right now. bought a camp half-blood t-shirt just to go to the Sea of Monsters movie1

  • Percabeth 1# fan

    i don’t in till fall 2013. i want to read the house of hades right now!!!!~

  • Carrie

    I’d guess that the POVs will be:
    Jason, Frank, Hazel, Annabeth. MoA was Greeks, HoH will be Romans. Also, this gives each character a chance to speak twice.

    • carrie

      it has also been confirmed Nico will NOT have a POV

  • K8

    I think there was a spoiler that said nico had a crush on percy

  • andrew Laverdiere

    i all ready know percy asked Annabeth to marry him. IN the last 4 chapters of the book .

  • Lara Bronze

    I am having a spaz right now!! It’s coming put tomorrow! Great Gods of Olympus!!