Holy Hades! It’s 2013


The new year has begun and it seems that author Rick Riordan is celebrating with the Roman god Janus! This two-headed god of transitions is all about looking at the past and the future, which is exactly what Rick has been doing in his recent blog and tumblr posts!

Looking back, Rick had a big 2012 with the release of his book The Heroes of Olympus: The Mark of Athena. The story takes place on Leo’s ship the Argo II which is a complicated piece of machinery. Today, Rick posted his sketch of the Argo II which he used while writing the story:

Argo II Sketch 1Argo II Sketch 2

Throughout the year, Rick’s books were featured on many recommended reads and best-selling lists. Recently, The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid was chosen for NPR’s Backseat Book Club. During this interview, Rick explains how his experience as a middle school teacher directly influences the way he writes for his audience. He also answered fan’s questions about his books. Elliot Bemis asked, “How did you choose the numbers 13, 32, 33? Do they have some special meaning?” “The numbers actually are Carter’s favorite players from the L.A. Lakers,” Rick replied, “So, you know, I’d like to say they have some great magical significance, but really it’s all about basketball.”

Looking toward the future, Rick wished his fans a wonderful 2013 and assured us he is hard at work on his next book The House of Hades which will be released in October this year.