Hipsterhood Season Two Has Arrived

Hipsterhood is back for season two and this time has Lizzie Bennett Diaries favorite Daniel Vincent Gordh along for the ride.

The ten-episode second season was released this weekend and continues the story of two people in their mid-twenties who try to navigate the dating world in their hipster neighborhood of Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

The first season of the online romantic comedy was well received by fans and critics alike, with Stephanie Carrie of LA Weekly saying that it was “hilarious” and an “acerbic love song to Roy’s inner hipster.”

Gordh is not the only guest that season two has to offer, with popular YouTube faces such as Michelle Glavan, Colleen Ballinger and Brendan Bradley also making special appearances, as well as the return of Cereal Guy, played by Kit Williamson and Faux Fur Girl, played by Elizabeth Ferraris.


Blip.tv has the entire second season ready to watch now; the first time it has made something available for marathon viewing, and is running a competition to win an $1000 shopping spree for fans.

Producer Shilpi Roy thinks that fans will love season two even more than season one, saying “Fans really seemed to connect with the show’s awkwardness the first time around. I’m looking forward to bringing them back to Silver Lake and giving them an even more intimate look at how hard it is to live and date in this neighborhood, when everyone lives in a world of constant uncertainty and self-consciousness. Hopefully this season is even more awkward than the first.”

Season two of Hipsterhood is available now at http://www.blip.tv/hipsterhood.