HBO Releases New Clip from The Fault in Our Stars


In an effort to tease us as much as humanely possible, HBO released a new clip for The Fault in Our Stars as part of an HBO First Look. The clip shows us the full scene before Hazel is forced to attend support group, when she tells her parents to get her a fake ID instead so that she can take pot.

The scene is funny, a bit sweet, and actually feels like we’re intruding on a family conversation that could happen in any household. Replace “support group” with “violin lessons” and you wouldn’t be that far off.

The clip also includes some of the same trailer footage we’ve already seen, as well as some great moments of Laura Dern (Frannie Lancaster) and Sam Trammell (Michael Lancaster) explaining the film’s set up, their feelings about playing Hazel’s parents, and their love of the story. They also talk about the power and reach of the novel and how it crosses generations, from Laura’s 12-year-old son to her friends.

Check out the full First Look feature below.

Guys, it’s almost June 6. Are you ready?