Harry Potter Fans React to The Cuckoo’s Calling (No Spoilers)


One of the earliest panels held on Friday morning at LeakyCon was a book discussion about The Cuckoo’s Calling, J.K. Rowling’s new crime thriller written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. A group of Harry Potter fans, including Rohan Gotobed (who played young Sirius Black in the movies), gathered to discuss the new novel.

Some interesting discussions emerged focusing on how Lula’s character was affected by being mixed race and adopted. Since we are at a Harry Potter convention, the conversation often ended up comparing The Cuckoo’s Calling to the Harry Potter series. Being mixed race is similar to being muggle-born: both are examples of having a foot in two worlds, along with struggling to find an identity.

The implications of J.K. Rowling’s identity as Robert Galbraith were also discussed. Lula was plagued by the press, which is something that J.K. Rowling has experienced first-hand. Robert Galbraith himself was a feature of the conversation, including the meaning behind the pseudonym and the idea of having a fictitious persona as an author.

We mostly discussed the complexities of the mystery itself; talking amongst ourselves helped us clear up some of the more confusing plots and clues. We made predictions and hopes for the next book (GIVE ROBIN MORE PLOT PLEASE!!), and also decided that the series would make for a wonderful television show.

If you haven’t read the book yet, hopefully these positive reactions from Potter fans will inspire you to pick it up! If you’ve read it, let us know in the comments your thoughts on these issues.


  • alex dahlberry


  • lollifant

    I loved this panel, glad to have been a part of it, just nicely discussing an awesome book.

  • Heather N.

    I was not a part of the panel, but I did read the Cuckoos Calling and really enjoyed it. I absolutely only picked it up because I knew J.K. had written it but I finished it in a few days because I honestly wanted to read and find out what happened next.