Harry Potter Actors Look Back During Panel


On June 28th, Mugglenet’s Eric Scull moderated a panel of Harry Potter film alums Ellie Darcey-Alden, Scarlett Byrne, and Devon Murray. The hour-long panel covered everything from the actor’s beginnings in the business, who the biggest prankster on set was, and what they were most looking forward to about LeakyCon Portland (hint: the ball).

While both Ellie and Scarlett had attended before, this was Devon’s first trip to LeakyCon. Between trying to prank Scarlett, mumbling a few seconds of “Danny Boy,” and reliving stories of the many, many, many wands he broke on set, Devon fit right in with the family.

From Child Actor to Potter Actor

One thing all three displayed was a deep passion for the craft of acting. They’d all worked on stage or film before being cast in the Potter films at a young age, and continue to work on sets.

Ellie talked of how she defied her mother to get into acting. Even though her education comes first, her family came around and she eventually landed the role of young Lily Potter in the seventh film. Interestingly enough, she auditioned about a year before they ended up needing her due to the film split. She then went on the audition and screen test a handful of times before finally being cast.

Even though Scarlett attended an arts school growing up, her particular educational institution wasn’t keen on its students jumping into the professional world at a young age. After landing an agent, she had to use deceptive means to make her auditions. “I would miss school to go on auditions, and I always used to say I had a dentist’s appointment,” said Scarlett at the panel.

Devon Murray jokes around during the actor's panel.

Scarlett originally auditioned for the role of Luna Lovegood, something she can’t believe she did looking back. That role was clearly made for Evanna Lynch. Instead, she was perfect for the role of Slytherin first lady Pansy Parkinson.

Devon played our favorite situational pyromaniac in all eight films, but had never read the books before auditioning. He began acting as a way to hone his wild child energy, and continued on from there. He knew so little about the wizarding world that he’d never even heard of this Harry Potter guy. “I didn’t know what Harry Potter was. I’m dyslexic, so I don’t read. I’d never read,” said Devon. “So, when I went over I was thinking the director’s name was Harry Potter.”

Set Hijinks 

While they didn’t want to get any of their ex-coworkers in trouble, the gang did share a few fun set tidbits. We’ve heard in interviews before that there were a lot of pranksters on set, and it sounds like those reports were most definitely not exaggerated. Devon shared a hilarious story about one time when Hagrid himself Robbie Coltrane convinced him to put bandages all over his face and pretend he got in a fight. When he went into the makeup trailer, however, the set’s makeup artist was not amused. “She went straight out, called David Heyman, the producer…I got in proper trouble for that,” said Devon.

Scarlett and Devon share a secret.

Stray Quotes

“Every time Rupert would run through the door, he’d just start breaking stuff.” –Devon Murray

“She spoke to me. It’s not my fault.” –Ellie Darcey-Alden on Maggie Smith

“I’ve taken my LeakyCon virginity now, and it’s great.” –Devon Murray

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