Hamilton News: OBC to Be Filmed, Munoz to Step In, Mix Tape Details


The Hamilton news was non-stop today! There’s lots to talk about so let’s get right down to it.

With contracts for most of the original Broadway cast coming to a potential end soon (no confirmations either way yet; save one we’ll get to shortly) we’ve been trying to come to grips with the fear that there wouldn’t be a recording to capture the full show for those that couldn’t get tickets for the room where it happened.

Thankfully, Lin-Manuel Miranda put our minds at ease today by confirming that the show will be filmed on two nights while the principle cast (minus the already departed Jonathan Groff) is still there. There are no current plans on what to do with the footage, but at least the forethought is there to capture the moment before it’s gone. Miranda joked (probably) that it may end up in a vault at Gringotts for awhile.

Next up is the one bit of contract news we can confirm. A passing of the torch is about to take place.

Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda will exit the show on July 9, in part to focus on other projects including Moana due out November 23 and a leading role in Mary Poppins Returns set for December 2018.

But he’s probably not gone for good. Miranda made this point backstage after winning his Tonys on Sunday.

I have written a role that I cannot age out of! I intend to drop in on this thing. I feel very lucky that I have built something that I can drop in on over and over again. … Flash forward to 20 years from now, you’re going to be like, ‘Lin, when will you stop playing Hamilton?’

Taking over the role of Alexander Hamilton will be Javier Muñoz. As Miranda’s alternate, Muñoz has been playing Hamilton at least once a week since the show’s run at The Public.

There was also a little news about the much anticipated mixtape. It’s still in a stage of formation and will be a combination of covers, “inspired-bys”, and demo songs that didn’t make the cut for the actual show. He said: “There’s a cover of Satisfied that is going to blow your f*cking minds – you can put asterisks through that!”

He talked a little more about the cut songs:

So I’m going to put that cut slavery rap battle that was in the book… We’re putting my demo of that on. I have a song called Valley Forge that I cut that we actually performed in the Lincoln Center concert. I sort of took the best lines from it and put it in Stay Alive, but the Valley Forge demo will be on the recording. There’s a number of other demos… Congratulations was a song that Angelica had. I think we’re putting that on the Mixtape. So there’s going to be like six or seven of the cut tunes on that as interludes between these amazing artists.

We got some dates too. Miranda revealed that the Hamilton’ America PBS documentary will air October 17 and the mix tape will debut on “October somethingth.”