Glee Recap 5.09 – Puppy Dogs and Rainbows?

Managing Editor

Don’t call it a comeback
I been here for years
Recappin my tears and makin Klaine shippers cheer


Sorry. Sometimes, when your show has been on hiatus for over two months (longer when you consider the world’s collective agreement that winter finale “Previously Unaired Christmas” just never happened) you just need to listen to some LL Cool J to get the ol’ recapping muscles back in shape. I’m ready now, so let’s get to it and hope the second half of the season will make an upward turn.

Nope, instead there’s a racist woman barking bad Spanish at Santana in the diner. Rachel comments on Santana’s restraint with the customer, and San says she needs the job – other than the commercial she hasn’t done anything – and she’s getting disillusioned. Rachel assures her that success will happen for her, too, and is glad they’re friends and Santana can vent to her. She also offers to get Santana into her upcoming Funny Girl publicity shoot for New York Magazine. Santana says she’s a good friend. The episode is called “Frenemies” and there have been too many mentions of how much they love each other. I am worried.

At McKinley, Artie and Tina apparently have a Tuesday lunch tradition that we’ve never seen before, and they talk about loving their friendship and being sad about parting ways after graduation. Tina got waitlisted at Brown and isn’t optimistic, though Artie is sure she’ll get in, and proclaims that their last few Tuesdays before graduation (!!!) will be devoted to music for cheering up. They launch into a performance of “Whenever I Call You Friend” that eventually moves into the choir room as a New Directions dance party. Anyone who has heard of this song before now, please raise your hand. It’s cute though, and I like Tina when she isn’t batshit crazy. Though that’s rare these days.

Post-performance, Becky fetches Artie and Tina to see Sue, who tells them they’re tied for valedictorian and she has decided they’ll have a speech competition at the end of the week to see who gets the spot. Jane Lynch, as usual, serves as the voice of meta, mentioning that some kids come and go as they please and aren’t seen for months at a time, but Tina and Artie have perfect attendance, even if their only purpose is to say something like “Are you serious, Blaine?” Ah, Glee. Pointing out problems with your show but making no attempt to fix them since 2009.

  • blainelovesyouyeahyeahyeah

    Team Ordering a Pizza With Kurt….and I think we are in late April…maybe?

  • Rocketsgozoom

    Can we order a pizza with Kurt and then feed it to Santana? Girl looks like she’d snap in half if she sneezed.

  • Rachel Monroe

    Team Pezberry. But I get both sides actually. I mean can people really blame Rachel for being wary of Santana? I mean sure for a few months they have been on friendly term but Santana did insulted Rachel and was pretty nasty to her for years. I hate that she slapped her but I am a little glad that she didn’t jsut take it like she has a lot of times.

  • Ingvild

    Ugh, I identify a lot with Rachel, because I also used to think that I’d become famous and better than all the haters (alas, I don’t have her talent), and you know, considering her terrible loss, I just want everyone to be really nice to her, but ugh, I love Santana and pizza too, you feel me?

    Sue continues to be the person with the funniest lines. I love her sarcasm and hate for Artie and Tina in this one, jesus christ. I also love how sarcastic the writers are with Blaine, like when Shue tried to decide who would get the second solo, and Blaine walked in with his hand raised and the others were like “You already have a solo, Blaine.” It’s great. And yeah, where is Dani?

    Man, I’m really gonna miss Sue when the show moves, but not so much the others. I wonder if they’re trying to tone down the new kids.