Glee Instant Reaction: The End of Twerk

Managing Editor

Hello, Gleeks! (I want to come up with something else but there is no other good term! What do you want to be called?)

I’ll be back with a full recap tomorrow afternoon, but for now, here’s what you missed on Glee:


  • Blaine’s butt makes its triumphant return as a main character as he twerks his way through organizing the choir room. 
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  • Will continues to be simultaneously ineffective and inappropriate.
  • We all know “Blurred Lines” is a hundred kinds of problematic. This performance gave it new ways to be problematic. Congratulations?
  • Apparently in New York underage people can drink in a tattoo parlor and then get tattoos. Which will inevitably be misspelled.
  • There is so little interaction between Kurt and Blaine – who are both engaged and the most popular couple on the show – and acknowledgement of their relationship that I am genuinely happy just when Kurt says Blaine’s name.
  • Chris Colfer finally joins the legion of shirtless Glee men, and the news is good.
  • I’ve worried about how Glee would handle Unique’s storyline from day one, but by only addressing it sparingly and just letting her exist as a great character otherwise, they’ve managed to not completely destroy it. Bravo. And damn Alex Newell, sing it.
  • Will’s presentation on other forms of dance that were considered scandalous was actually the only intelligent thing he’s done…possibly ever?
  • Will is way too intense about twerking. Calm down man. But I do like Sue on the other side of a storm out tantrum.
  • The mentions of Finn between Kurt and Rachel are really touching, as is Rachel’s tattoo memorial.
  • Yay another indie pop song happy New Directions group number! I don’t care, I’ll always be a sucker for these.

Did you survive the bathroom gender wars of 2013? Do you think Kurt got cyber lucky with his new piercing? Let us know in the comments and I’ll be back tomorrow with a full recaps!

  • Burton

    I am very sure that Kurt got very cyber lucky I am positive here this is why

  • Kelsey

    For maybe 3/4 of the episode, I wanted to puke. But the rest of it was lovely. Shirtless Colfer thank goodness, Blaine’s butt is always a bonus, and Unique was stunning. But the rest of it…Shue deserves a slap in the face, cheating storylines were old halfway through the second season, and singing Blurred Lines on the show was unacceptable. I actually liked the bathroom wars. It made a statement and was pretty funny at the same time. And Kurt certainly got cyberlucky. Klaine actually gets a mention this week! Crazy!

  • Rachel Monroe

    Thank god for no Klaine. And Kurt is 1000x sexier and a better body than Blaine so start showing him more and lessof Blaine.

    • Paige Turner

      Yes. Thank god that one of the few remaining things that fans are still passionate about is not being shown – it’s not like they need any help with the ratings or anything… and beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder but, luckily for us, Glee continues to showcase both men as the attractive and desirable men that they are.

  • Paige Turner

    The episode was actually a lot less terrible than I thought it would be. Will’s still Will, Jarley is still boring, I still hate Tina, and Klaine is still so completely sidelined that, like you, the fact that Kurt mentioned Blaine’s name (twice!) was enough to keep my Klaine-lovin’ feelings alive for another week. On the plus side, however, Unique’s storyline (and accompanying song) was one of the most moving things they’ve done in a while, as was Rachel’s tattoo, and the New ND continue to be the cutest little group of misfits the show’s ever had. Looking forward to Blaine in NY next week! (Klaine in the same state? Interacting? What madness is this??)

    • Flitzy

      I love Marley but I wanted Ryder and Marley to be a couple from the beginning. I like Jake but not like that. :(

  • Flitzy

    I was so worried that they wouldn’t handle transphobia well at all but I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Schue’s talk with Unique… until he ended up saying that twerking is more important than transgender rights. ;_;

    But, honestly, no matter how much I love Glee I just cannot – I repeat, cannot – tolerate any sort of glorification or legitimizing of a Robin Thicke song; it literally made me want to gag.

    I loved On Our Way much better then any other song because it was the fun and carefree song that I liked from Glee and I loved the subplot with Sue, as it reminded me of an older episode.

    Rachel’s tattoo of “Finn” made me cry again. As much as I love Glee, It just breaks my heart that Finn won’t be in this season. It just feels like something is missing. :(

    • Lavelle Miller

      I never realized how Finn was the core of Glee until now. I feel his absence every week, and it makes me sad.

  • wrecking

    Rachel and Kurt aren’t underages

    • Lavelle Miller

      In the show’s timeline, they are still college freshmen and therefore 18 or 19 years old. The legal drinking age in New York is 21. [However, most college freshmen I know drink, but not so publicly.] Tattoos are legal at 18 without a parent’s permission.