Glee Has Been Picked Up For A Fourth Season!

It’s official, Gleeks! FOX has picked up Glee for a fourth season!  ”#Glee was officially picked up for season 4 today!” cast member, Lea Michele, who plays glee clubber, Rachel Berry, Tweeted on Monday. “So happy! Can’t wait to see where Rachel will be next year! Fingers crossed for NYC! :)

What do you think of the news?  Do you think Rachel really will end up in New York?  Do you think Quinn will return next season?  What will happen to Klaine? Sound off in the comments?

  • Rosianna

    I’m thinking Rachel will elope with Principal Figgins to the Canary Islands and Quinn’s ghost will haunt Finn until he admits that he’s not actually a very good role model. But I’m just guessing.

  • Kelsey

    …how? How did they possibly land a fourth season?

  • katrina

    i don’t think a fourth season is the best idea for glee.