Glee 5.20 Recap – Nothing’s Changed At All

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Fun fact: When you decide to ask readers to submit thoughts for a recap, you should give them more than an hour’s notice! I got a few submissions but not as much as I was hoping, so in summary: Colfer writes a solid standalone ep, but it suffers mostly from the fact that we have higher expectations in the penultimate episode of a season than a one-off. Also kudos to him for closing continuity holes re: Dani and Elliot and referencing Sam’s strength of character re: his past struggles. Also, dogs.

This week on Glee, it’s the season finale, and actually the last episode of THE YEAR (more on that in our next LeakyCast). Rachel might get a TV show, Blaine has a showcase with I’m-still-lukewarm-on-her-but-can’t-deny-her-fabulousness June, and Mercedes continues the trend of nonsensical but undeniably catchy pop songs. All of the lead-up has been guaranteeing endless shocking moments so we’ll see.

We start with a family dinner in the loft (I WANT TO SEE MORE OF THESE) and Sam reveals that he has a huge audition for a print campaign. Meanwhile, Rachel talks about her potential show and is interrupted by…Brittany. Who doesn’t know where Santana is. It’s ok, we’re not going to talk about that. She’s followed by the writer the network is sending to observe Rachel. She is crazypants and doesn’t know Rachel’s name.

Kristen Schaal is everything as the writer as she takes notes on and judges Rachel’s life. She once wrote a version of Anne Frank where Anne was played by an upright vacuum. Literally, she is everything.

Mercedes is starting a mall tour, and she reveals that she’s hired Brittany as her lead back-up dancer. Glee continues its trend of ridiculous original songs with “Shakin’ My Head” which makes absolutely no sense (“Why does gravy give you heart attacks?”) but is going to be stuck in my head for the next fifteen years.

June finds Blaine measuring the stage for his possible freestyle dancing needs. He asks her again if they can include Kurt in the showcase, but she refuses and then not so subtly threatens to ruin Blaine’s reputation before it even gets off the ground if he keeps pushing it. He, of course, turns to the piano to sing “All of Me.” It’s arguably Criss’s best vocal performance of the season, possibly the series, and that’s saying a lot considering he’s done live performances of other powerhouse songs like “Teenage Dream” and “Against All Odds.” John Legend is not someone to trifle with and he takes up the task admirably. Sometimes I’m genuinely frightened of what he’s going to do in the musical world once Glee is over.

Kurt thinks it’s nice, too, until Blaine blurts out that June doesn’t want him in the showcase even though he tried his best to convince her. Kurt doesn’t want to hear apologies, though, instead knocking his lunch off the piano and storming out. One day, Kurt is going to let Blaine finish a sentence instead of taking off. But today is not that day.

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