Glee 5.15 Recap – Still Here

Managing Editor

Warning: An assault and the aftermath were shown in tonight’s episode, and therefore will be mentioned in the recap, though I’ll be abridging my normal play-by-play style for the sake of readers who may be triggered by such discussion.

Tonight on Glee: Sam and Mercedes are a hot mess, it’s Sondheim week at the midwinter critique, Rachel is awful again, and Glee manages to not completely scar me with what could have been a really terribly done gay bashing storyline.

We’re getting right into the performances tonight with a beautiful rendition of “No One is Alone” as Rachel, Sam, Kurt and Blaine participate in a candlelight vigil for an unknown man. The entire sequence is haunting, especially knowing what’s coming.

But first, Funny Girl. Rachel tries to talk to one of the bigwigs about a scheduling conflict with her NYADA midwinter critique; he makes the exception but warns that she’s overextending herself.

Apparently Sam forms symbiotic relationships with every couch he meets. And Blaine reads him Star Wars fanfiction to help him get to sleep at night. Let’s put a pin in that and then reference it mercilessly when it isn’t such a sad episode. Sam and Mercedes discuss their relationship and she reiterates that she doesn’t want to date him. Which leads to them making out, natch.

At weekly potluck loft dinner, we find out that the vigil was for a friend of their neighbor who was gay bashed, and everyone talks about how hate crimes are increasing in New York until Kurt changes the subject to the midwinter critique’s theme – Sondheim. And Sam and Mercedes play footsie under the table. I was hoping they’d take some time to establish them this time around, but, well, Glee.

Sam and Mercedes take a walk while he asks why they always have to be secretive, and there’s a lot of banter about fur coats and coins and I don’t actually know what’s happening. How tiring it must be to have a conversation with Sam Evans. Mercedes tells him they need to set boundaries and ground rules and then sends him away so she can sing “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman” to a carousel. As one does. She also throws his coat on the ground after he gave it to her because she threw her coat into the river. You have no respect for coats, Mercedes Jones.

Mercedes has random friends dissuading her from dating Sam just as he appears doing an indiscernible impression. It’s awkward. The more confused they look, the more he talks. He asks if they have weaves. It’s so awkward.

  • Emily

    Burt Hummel, everybody. He gets all my votes for Best TV Dad.

    And thank you for pointing out the growth we’ve seen in Kurt over the arc of this whole series. Sometimes I think Glee likes to regress its characters back to the same point they were three episodes (or seasons) ago, and it’s refreshing to not only witness this growth, but also get a payoff like the “I was on the football team” line for the long term viewers.

  • Rios

    I actually thought Darren Criss’ acting was terrible in that scene

  • Paige Turner

    ‘Not While I’m Around’ and that whole scene with Blaine was the most moving and effective part of the episode for me. I will be glad, though, if we never have to re-visit a “something terrible happens to Kurt” storyline ever again – it’s overdone and I don’t think it elicited the reaction they were hoping for.

  • Liz

    Everything is better with Burt Hummel. He was amazing, AS ALWAYS, and nailed what it is to be a parent who really wants nothing more than his beautiful son to be safe at all times. Even as he is proud of the man he has become.

    I actually think that Kurt has always been this brave. He has never internalized the sense of being a victim. He stood up to Karofsky and Azimio WAY back in Season 1. Sometimes he didn’t fight back as actively, it’s true. He still got chucked in the dumpster, he still got shoulder-checked into the lockers. He put up with a LOT of crap. But when it really came down to it, he was always strong at his core and pushed back. And he never once stopped being himself, just because someone else pushed him around for it.

    Sorry, I just all kinds of pink-puffy-heart love Kurt Hummel. And though I never want to see him hurt, I sure do love to see him triumphant.

    • Amanda McAllister

      No I totally agree that he’s always been brave, I was only commenting on the gradual externalization of his response