Glee 5.14 Recap: The Luckiest People in the World

Managing Editor

Tonight on Glee: We’ve finally made it to New York, domestic!Klaine is the best thing to ever happen to me, and praise whatever deity you follow because Chord Overstreet finally cut his hair. A new, fun show has taken over Glee’s time slot and I’m a big fan already.

Let’s go.

We’ve time jumped a little, as expected, because Glee just won’t give me the summer season I so desperately want, so it’s fall. Rachel has been doing pre-opening tours for Funny Girl and they’re so appreciative of her hard work that they’ve given her a 24/7 town car. Damn, girl. She starts off “Downtown” from inside the car. Kurt emerges from the subway, finds Blaine picking up coffee for both of them, and the pair meet up with Artie and Sam in Washington Square Park so they can look all New York cute and then incredulous when Rachel shows up in her fancy car. The new, pared down cast all sound fantastic together and I hope we continue to get group numbers that just feature them being carefree happy friends living their dreams. What a concept for a show called Glee!

Blaine wakes up early to make breakfast in bed for Kurt, which he has apparently been doing for months, but Kurt wakes up and spoils it. Blaine is in a tank top and boxers and patent leather loafers. He puts on shoes before pants. He is still enamored with getting to see Kurt all the time, and when Kurt asks if they’re turning into an old married couple, he says “On the contrary” and launches into “You Make Me Feel So Young” while the pair have the most adorable domestic montage in the history of the world.

Blaine puts toothpaste on Kurt’s toothbrush! Kurt picks out Blaine’s clothes! They dance! They pillow fight! They shop! They touch more in a two minute performance than they have in the entirety of the series! Yep, I’m totally on board with this new Glee. Side note, can we please have more jazzy numbers where Darren Criss sings in his lower range? Because I’m swooning as much as Kurt is.

Kurt ends the number by pushing Blaine onto the couch and climbing on board, but they’re interrupted by Sam, who has apparently worn out his couch surfing welcome in the loft.

Artie is having mobility trouble, and the cherry on top comes in the form of getting mugged by a guy on crutches.

  • ElderPoptarts

    dat quote about Kelliot and Klaine. It brings me life.

    • Amanda McAllister

      I want to be super clear that I love Elliot. I like that Kurt made a friend and after watching how he deals with everyone’s crazy I am so on board with him staying for the rest of the series.

    • Amanda McAllister

      I want to be super clear that I love Elliot. I like that Kurt made a friend and after watching how he deals with everyone’s crazy I am so on board with him staying for the rest of the series.

      • ElderPoptarts

        I do too. I just thought the quote was funny. Not all of us are insane ship oriented. I loved the whole episode. Especially the (much deserved) attention that Artie is getting now.

  • Ally

    I am not at all mad Glee is pulling me back in. Because I’ve always been in too deep to just stop watching. I’m glad…that they’ve made it worth it again. Tonight, and the past couple weeks, have been the best reminder as to WHY Glee caught us all in the first place. It’s got the old spirit of season one. But with a new spin, a new bit of excitement. It still honors it’s past, but it’s recognizing that we don’t want a show about high schoolers forever. Because many of us were in high school when Glee started, or around there, and are moving on with our lives as well. I’m just. I’m so pleased to be a Glee fan. Because before that was something I had to say through gritted teeth or with a cringe. But now…now it’s a wonderful thing again.

    *Also – funny how when Klaine was on the rocks or just reduced to background characters, the show was god awful. But now that they’re happy…or rather, getting screen time…the show is great again. RIB need to take note.*

  • Mia

    FYI, not shoes Blaine was wearing – they were (probably) very expensive leather slippers! The designer pairs retail for $300-400 at least. He may have only been wearing a top, boxers (Brooks Brothers) and slippers, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a cheap ensemble!

  • Flitzy

    Put me in the camp that SO wants Elliot to be on the show for good. Adam Lambert was just perfect and – don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Klaine with all my heart, the friendship of Kurt and Elliot was just too much (plus it made me have a deep longing for a Chris Colfer/Adam Lambert backed band IRL).

    This episode was just perfect, though. I was honestly scared for the post-Lima Glee but it was pretty beautiful. Dear God, Ryan Murphy, would you please never leave us again?

    (PS: Many tears next week will be shed but I’m glad all the episodes won’t be happy-go-lucky ones even if it means heartbreak and emotional pains. ;__;)