Glee 5.07 Recap: Are You Okay, Blaine?

Managing Editor

Glee is silly for airing a new episode on Thanksgiving, so this is going to be short and sweet. Much like Blaine, the protagonist of tonight’s episode, “Puppet Master.”

At least it’s an episode that is largely centered around everyone being high from a gas leak, because I’ve been drinking tequila with my mom since 1pm. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Blaine tries to restore some order to choir rehearsal by introducing ideas for Nationals, most of which feature him in charge – piano accompaniment or a cappella music, for example – because he’s won the most show choir competitions of the group. Jake is down to try a cappella, but everyone else shuts them down, calling him Blaine Jong Il even though most of the audience probably won’t get that reference. It’s finally happening – he’s been in high school for so long that he’s losing his mind.

In New York, Kurt is having his own control issues when he calls a band meeting to announce that he has booked their debut gig at Callbacks on their dead night. Everyone questions it, but he’s apparently already pictured it, right down to the cover of “Into the Groove” that features everyone flirting their way through the packed crowd. I wish I liked this performance more, but something in the vocal mix is so intensely off that I can’t appreciate it. This is a highly underutilized part of Chris Colfer’s range and it should be amazing, but something in the arrangement leaves him and Adam Lambert sounding like a mid-range car commercial.

Blaine calls Kurt to rant about glee club sucking, but Kurt reminds him that everyone has a say and that being too aggressive and “a puppet master” (HE SAID THE THING) can be detrimental. Then he promptly changes the subject to his own issues and asks Blaine to come to the band’s gig using their magically replenishing frequent flier miles. Man, it’s a good thing neither of the two are controlling; honestly, I’d watch an entire episode of Kurt and Blaine complaining that everyone around them is insane when really it’s the two of them that are crazy. I can’t wait to see them plan a wedding.

Sue is being evaluated by the school board to make her principal position permanent and tells Figgins that test scores are up 42% (also something about her caning policies, but I try to not listen too closely when she talks about things like that). Then the superintendent insinuates that she’s a man, and Glee continues with its strange phobia/mockery of gender issues. Apparently, once upon a time, Sue was more feminine, but no one took her seriously and thus the track suit was born. But Becky points out that a change may be due since everyone is scared of her already.

  • Ingvild

    Where they high when they wrote this episode? We just don’t know.

    Most of the time I sat staring like “what the fuck?” But then I always shrug and go like: “It’s Glee.”