Glee 5.06 Recap: They May Be Crazy

Managing Editor

“It’s springtime in the longest year ever at McKinley” really, Glee? That’s what we missed? Do you really think we aren’t painfully aware of that?

Sue has arranged for the most depressing career fair of all time, and tells an angry Will that there’s no arts representation because there is no such thing as a career in the arts. She does, however, offer him his very own stool where he can sit and share his failed Broadway dreams. Since Will draws his lesson inspiration from the most random of places, he encourages the kids to pursue what they love by exploring the music of “a goofy looking kid who struggled for years” – Billy Joel.

Even though Will just came up with this lesson, he has somehow already discussed it with Blaine and Sam, who have prepared a number. They’re missing the week because Blaine has his NYADA audition and Sam has an interview with a college in New York. Sam says they’re leaving the group with “their own take on a classic BJ” which makes Blaine urgently shake his head. You’re on Fox, Sam, come on; Kurt and Blaine can’t even kiss.

Anyway, they sing a really fantastic rendition of “Movin’ Out,” first with everyone gathered around the piano, then in a montage as they grab their bags from the hall and conveniently pop up in a subway station in New York. I didn’t realize McKinley had a stop. They sing their way onto a bus and try to get murdered by the passengers, then scare the crap out of Kurt in the loft and end it all with hugs all around.

I will never get tired of hearing Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet sing together, especially when they’re both in their lower range. It’s clear how much they genuinely like each other in how easy the friendship is between Blaine and Sam, and I hope all goes as planned and they make it to New York together after graduation. Side note, I am in love with Blaine’s blazer, someone please give it to me.

Artie runs into Becky in the hall and encourages her to look into colleges with programs for handicapable students, but Sue interrupts them and tells Artie to back off because she wants to keep Becky with her at McKinley.

Jake has apparently been trying and continues to try to apologize to Marley, but she tells him it was her own fault for thinking she could change him – she knew what kind of guy he was when they started dating, etc, etc. Can they just be broken up and done with it?

The diner is officially the New York mainstay, it seems, as Blaine and Sam are hanging out there while everyone else is working. Kurt sent the boys out on the town to explore but Blaine says they mostly went on campus visits – NYU, Columbia – because he needs safety schools. Columbia is Blaine’s safety school. Kurt huffs at the idea, because Blaine is so talented and Kurt has been talking him up so much to Carmen that he’s all but guaranteed to get in, and says he needs a test run before his audition.

“Now, you may not know the name Blaine Anderson yet,” Kurt says, “But you will soon when it’s lit up all over Broadway.” (Subtext: “Yeah that’s right New York, look at my hot, talented fiance and stare in shock and awe at NYADA’s next power couple.”)

Blaine plays “Piano Man” in all of his bashful sweater-vested glory while Sam plays the harmonica and the waitstaff dance around with candles. By the end of the song, everyone in the diner is singing and dancing and Blaine has made himself quite the tip jar. Kurt stands on the counter and whoops about Blaine getting into NYADA. It’s amazing to see Kurt’s transformation from closed off and tentative giving his boyfriend apology flowers on the McKinley staircase to screaming his praises in a New York diner. If this is Klaine in New York, I’m ready. I’m going to hide Blaine’s identification so he can never get on the plane back to Ohio, where time stands still.

  • Manda

    Your obsession with Blaine makes your recaps insufferable to read.

    • Paige Turner

      It’s probably my obsession with Blaine that makes me find your recaps such a joy to read – regardless, I think you’re pretty spot on. Glee is an exercise in wasted opportunities and potential. When I think of all that this show could be, and is for some reason not, well, it’s best not to dwell on these things b/c that’s when the rage sets in. I hope when they finally graduate sometime next year we can be done with Lima for good. I have my doubts, but here’s hoping!

    • Amanda McAllister

      I’m not going to deny that Blaine is one of my favorites but I’m not entirely sure that a Blaine/Sam centric episode is QUITE the place for that comment to be totally fair.

      The only times I am vocal about how much I don’t care about something, it’s usually some combination of Marley/Jake/Ryder/Kitty because in my opinion they didn’t properly settle the new kids and never gave me much to care about.

      If I focus on Blaine in episodes where Blaine has a bulk of the storyline…whoops? I like Blaine. I like Klaine. I like the New York storylines. When you combine all of that I’m going to be interested. I don’t apologize for that.

      I’m assuming that my ‘obsession’ with Blaine makes my recaps insufferable for you in the way that him appearing on the show at all makes watching it insufferable for you.

  • SJ

    Love this recap!! Artie has to move in with Sam in the loft across the hall (the previous tenant just kicked the bucket) so they can be the new Joey and Chandler. One thing that bugged me was that during the loft sing-a-long, Rachel, not Kurt, had her hands on Blaine’s shoulders. They won’t even let them touch while they’re singing. Pathetic. Some thoughts: I agree with you about Blaine’s parents. Half of Ohio came to the proposal so why weren’t they and Cooper there? They had better be at graduation or I am getting a voodoo doll of RM!! And, if we don’t get an Xmas duet, I am fully endorsing a Klaine/tumblr riot. My theory is that after Blaine, Sam & Co. graduate, they will close McK HS due to drastic budget cuts and ship everyone off to Siberia, including pervy Schue. I also noticed the “looks” between Rachel and Sam. It doesn’t surprise me that this is happening. After all, Sam has that same
    ‘clueless cuteness’ and ‘jock/singer’ appeal that Finn had. She seems to have a penchant for this type of guy which is why Brody was not a good match for her.

    Of course, I am thoroughly expecting Glee to mess this up in some way but I hope that they will at least allow Klaine be the lead couple and give them more screen time.

  • Ingvild

    What I loved about this episode was actually Jake embracing himself and being like “screw you, I can sleep with who I want, I’m hot” instead of running after Marley. I doubt it will last, but for now I very much enjoy this approach.

    Regarding Sam and Rachel… I might be an idiot for saying it, but I sort of feel it wouldn’t be right towards Rachel or Lea. Not so soon at least. I feel like there could never be anyone else than Finn, but that’s just me.