GeekyGear – December 20, 2014



 GeekyGear - Star Wars Bag

Star Wars Purses
$49.99 @ ThinkGeek

Style, geek cred, and function? Yes, please!  The first bowling bag inspired purse shows off a classy white and metallic blue for our favorite droid, R2D2. The second bag feels a bit more earthy with its’ dark red, green and yellow Boba Fett styled design.  Both purse styles will be instantly recognizable to Star Wars fans, and should serve you well in transporting your favorite smuggled goods. 

 GeekyNews - Deed of Contract

The Hobbit Contract Replica
$449.00 @ Weta Workshop

Straight from the wondrous Weta Workshop, this is a prop replica of the Deed of Contract that Bilbo Baggins signed to go on his adventure in The Hobbit. If you want a piece of memorabilia that gives you tingles, this might be what you’re looking for. Anything that comes out of Weta is high quality and awesome and this contract is definately no exception. Hand made by calligrapher and artist Daniel Reeve, the same person who made the original prop for the movie, even the wrinkles in this document are created by hand for the purpose of making the paper look properly aged! A great piece for serious collectors that is available in a strictly limited supply.

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